Update 0.46.108 is live – download now!

Even with KWHotel 0.47 getting closer and closer to its` release, we are still working on additional enhancements for KWHotel 0.46 version.

New, 0.46.108 update, is now live and can be obtained by opening KWHotel –> Help –> Update to BETA. Below you will find a list of improvements:

– Rate plan and base price save fix
– Cash report for bank has been patched for KWHotel Standard
– Improved custom reservation fields creation
– Sales register report has been improved
– Booking confirmation sending has been improved
– Sending messages using the GMAIL mailbox has been fixed
– New booking confirmation variables + improved configuration
– Pro forma invoice update

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KWHotel 0.47 update – what’s new?

If increasing efficiency in your hotel is on your to do list for 2017, read what we prepared in the 0.47 release. This time you can expect not only bug fixing and improving existing features!

The core of 0.47 release is making the system more user friendly and providing more value for the hoteliers, through direct impact on revenue.

Therefore, you will get a possibility of integrating your KWHotel Pro with two revenue management systems – Booking Suite Rate Manager and YieldPlanet Price Optimizer. With these tools you can always be a step ahead of your competition!
As of January you will also receive possibility to export your invoices to one of the most popular, international accountancy programs – Quickbooks.
Also, KWHotel will now exchange data with a modern POS software (POSBistro). We are including in our scope one more channel distribution manager – FastBooking!
Of course, KWHotel itself also received new modules and features, among them long term reservation management.
Read the below changelog to learn the full details of 0.47 update.

New synchronizations = explosion of possibilities:

– Implemented synchronization with two revenue management systems – BookingSuite Rate Manager and YieldPlanet Price Optimizer.
No more guessing in rates planning! Now take aware decission, based on analysis of important factors (like competition prices, events, historical data and more) or put the system on auto-pilot to optimize your rates, thus income!
Synchronization with Quickbooks accounting software – now your invoices can be sent directly to Quickbooks now!
Support for credit card payments; first to be deployed in the KWHotel Booking Engine and later in KWHotel itself.  It will give the possibility to your clients to pay by credit card for their package.
Synchronization with FastBooking channel manager – simple and intuitive system to distribute your prices to most profitable channels.
Synchronization with Point-of-Sale system “POSBistro”. Now your hotel and restaurant can be billed in one system!

Brand new features:

Long-term reservation module for easier management of such reservations
Rate plan wizard so that managing rates is intuitive and simple
Booking confirmation wizard; newly created booking confirmations can be further edited and configured to be sent automatically
– Online bookings module which shows you all reservations downloaded from Booking.com and channel managers
– Completely rebuilt Users module; new Permissions feature that allows to fully and in details manage roles of each individual program user
– Added price period wizard to the rate plans module
– Added meals wizard

Enhanced reporting and statistics:

– Implemented possibility to send automated reports and booking confirmations; they can be set up using multiple criteria
– More legible and informative layout of reports module
– New Housekeeping calendar and reports
– Improved the “Reservation – custom report”; it now contains additional fields, requested by the Users

Local language versions:

– Improved the Italian translation of the program
– Improved the English translation of the program
– Improved the Greek translation of the program

System overall efficiency:

Optimized data exchange between workstations (KWHotel Pro); it now takes no longer than 1-2 seconds
Redesigned interface to be more friendly and intuitive
– Added tooltips in the majority of program modules so that User is always aware what the given option does
– Significantly increased program performance

KWHotel in the cloud

We are strongly developing our cloud-based product KWHotel Web. See below what it gains with 0.47 update:
– Redesigned, friendly interface
– User management module
– Customer management functionality

Installation and setup:

– Rebuilt KWHotel Pro setup for much easier installation
– Facilitated the license loading and managing multiple properties on the same database
– Faster program startup


– Added support for reservation and customer import
– Added possibility to fully restore any deleted reservation, including its` history

Faster and safer synchronization:

– Improved the synchronization security in case of the channel manager or Booking.com synchronization
– Faster data synchronization with channel manager and Booking.com

Remaining enhancements:

– Additional logs in the program installation directory that allow you to monitor the program`s work
– Intelligent logging system; KWHotel will remember the last property you have logged to (in case of multiple properties on the same database)
– Improved the appearance and functionality of the registration card
– Added new options to the rate plans module for higher price flexibility
– Further improvements to the Statistics module for easier data analysis
– Added search filters to the Logbook module
– Added many enhancements to the Meals module
– Added new variables to customize your invoices
– Printouts can now be modified using a simple wizard
– Added possibility to create services for multiple days
– Added settings verification to KWHotel Booking Engine
– Added new messages and tooltips to KWHotel Booking Engine

The 0.47 release is planned for January, however please note, some features may arrive after initial release.

Imagine perfectly managed restaurant – now possible thanks to POSBistro synchronization!

posbistroPoint of Sale system synchronized with KWHotel

POSBistro is a mobile Point of Sale system designed to manage gastronomy in hotels and restaurants. Its` simple interface, attractive pricing and variety of features, make it a perfect choice for hoteliers who have a bar or restaurant in their facility.

How does it work?

When synchronization is enabled, creating a present reservation in KWHotel will send this information to POSBistro – there you can assign meals, beverages and other products to your guest which will then be transferred back to KWHotel for final billing. This will ensure efficient data exchange between different points of sale in your hotel.

How can I obtain it?

Synchronization is scheduled to arrive with the 0.47 update of KWHotel. However, we are looking for synchronization testers so if you are interested in trying it out before the official release, please let us know at support@kwhotel.com.

50% discount for every KWHotel version and extra modules! Last day of the Colorful Friday!

This50-discount-1 is the last day of the Colorful Friday sale!

How to get a 50% discount?
1. Place an order at http://kwhotel.com/en/order/
2. Type “#COLORFRIDAY” in the order remarks and wait for contact on our side!

Discount is offered for the first year license and additional modules. It does not include license renewal.
Our Colorful Friday will last until the very end of Friday (25.11.2016).

50% discount for every KWHotel version and extra modules! Colorful Friday has began!

50-discountWe are starting our variation of the Black Friday sales – let`s call it the “Colorful Friday” and let`s begin it…today.

How to get a 50% discount?
1. Place an order at http://kwhotel.com/en/order/
2. Type “#COLORFRIDAY” in the order remarks and wait for contact on our side!

Discount is offered for the first year license and additional modules. It does not include license renewal.
Our Colorful Friday will last until the very end of Friday (25.11.2016).

Update 0.46.93 is live – download now!

KWHotel 0.46.93 update has just been released. Below you will find changes that it introduces:
– added possibility to delete archive reservations
– ComboScan ID scanner will now download additional data from the licensed devices
– minor report fixes
– fixed issuing of cash documents
– fixed issuing of cash documents in the reservation screen
– fixed invoice correction`s modification
– fixed “Sales Register” report
– fixed mass room cleanliness status setup

If you haven`t obtained the 0.46 version yet, you can grab an update
for free by contacting us at support@kwhotel.com.

Also, I highly encourage you to visit our Facebook profile for more news regarding the upcoming 0.47 update!

KWHotel is a mixture of your ideas and suggestions!

WKWHotel-is-here-for-youhat started as a small project for several befriended hoteliers, turned out to be a solution for thousands. Even though our Team is passionate about his work, the truth is that KWHotel is also your contribution!

Your suggestions, feedback and warm comments shaped KWHotel since the very beginning. Now I would like to point out a new subject which is improving  KWHotel Help section.

If you have any thoughts about manuals or video tutorials that I could post there, please let me know.   I am at your disposal at support@kwhotel.com.

Have a great day!

Mariusz Luzar
KWHotel Team

Prices management? How about I show you a modern way?

Prices managementVisiting our Facebook fanpage was a great place to start November. This is where we explained the new way of managing prices.

Where can I see it?
If you missed our video, make sure to click here.

1 update – 47 benefits: Facebook campaign continues

We started the “1 update – 47 benefits” campaign on our Facebook fanpage on the 4th of October 2016.
Since we do not want you to miss any update, please have a look below to see everything that we revealed so far!

Here is the list of updates:
1. Your program performance is greatly increased
2. KWHotel Pro installation is much easier
3. Software design is much more intuitive
4. New tooltips located inside the program
5. Housekeeping report is redesigned for better functionality
6. Your channel manager synchronization is much more advanced
7. We introduce a new long stay reservation feature
8. Much easier license management
9. You will receive more tools to manage your rates
10. New credit card payment system is implemented in KWHotel Booking Engine
11. Completely new privileges to manage your staff
12. You are able to create your own documents in the program
13. Improved Logbook will make it easier to search for new reservations

Because there are still many benefits to be discussed, we highly recommend you to follow our Facebook fanpage.
Please stay tuned for new updates!

Hosting server acquired in the USA

New hosting server has been acquired for KWHotel Pro!
Now you can choose between three possible server locations!

Poland (recommended for Europe-based hotels)
Thailand (recommended for Asia-based hotels)
USA (recommended for South and North America-based hotels)

What are the benefits of KWHotel Pro set up on our online MySQL server?
– easy access from multiple computers
– increased security of your database
– no need to worry about computer crash; your database is safe on our server
– daily backup copies for your convenience

If you are interested in transferring your current KWHotel Pro database to one of our servers, feel free to contact us at support@kwhotel.com.