KWHotel Support phone line will not be available on the 1st of November 2017

Tomorrow (1.11.2017) the English, Greek and Italian phone line will not be available. This is caused by the religious holiday in Poland, where our company is based.

Email messages at will still be monitored in case of any emergencies.

KWHotel 0.47 update is ready to arrive in your hotel!

After many months of intensive development, the KWHotel 0.47 update has finally become available for installation.
Bringing you a great number of enhancements and new features, it is the largest program update in the KWHotel history.

What is new with the 0.47 version?

You may find the changelog for KWHotel 0.47 by clicking HERE.

How to obtain the new update?

Please write us at to schedule your update day. The whole process is free of charge!
KWHotel 0.47 update is currently available only for the KWHotel Standard and Pro Users.
The KWHotel Free 0.47 version will be released in a nearest future.

KWHotel 0.47.58 update brings the price change functionality to the Calendar module

The 0.47.58 update has just been released. Apart from the significant performance improvements, it also brings you the new function to the Calendar module.
In the bottom right corner of the Calendar, you will notice a new tab – “Prices”.

See your prices directly on the calendar!

By switching to the “Prices” tab you will cause KWHotel to display a daily price for every day on the calendar.
The prices are downloaded from the Rate Plans module. You can switch between the rate plans on the go.

Change prices without leaving the Calendar module

If you now select a term on the Calendar and click the right mouse button, you will find the “Edit price” option. This way you can edit your prices for multiple rooms, without even visiting the Rate Plans module.

Interested in getting KWHotel 0.47 update?
Write us at and schedule your day!

Italian phone line has been enabled

We are happy to announce that the Italian phone line is already up and running!
Interested in discussing our solutions or asking for assistance? Feel free to call at +39 069 480 09 92.


The Italian support office hours are as follows:
Tuesday: 8:00 A.M – 4.00 P.M (GMT +1.00)
Thursday: 8.00 A.M – 4.00 P.M (GMT +1.00)

Dashboard module receives additional customization options

Available in KWHotel 0.47 update, the “Dashboard” module provides your receptionists with basic tools they need every day. Arrivals and departures lists, reservation creator, statistics – all these features can be accessed from a single window.

To further enhance the data presentation, we have decided to add a possibility to resize the Arrivals / Departures / No show reservation menu. Also, the Statistics column can be hidden if you do not need to view them on a daily basis.

Get KWHotel 0.47 now!

The above features will be released soon. You can request a 0.47 version trial by contacting us at

Copying prices to the next year now possible with KWHotel v.0.47!

We have received multiple queries to include a possibility of copying your rate plan prices to the next year.

I am happy to confirm this feature is included in the upcoming 0.47 update of KWHotel. A new button was added in the upper part of the rate plan window. By clicking it you can copy all existing rates to the following year, saving you much time (especially if these rates are later synchronized with a channel manager or

Get KWHotel 0.47 now!

Interested in seeing the 0.47 version in action? Write us at and get your trial run today!
Do not forget to check the new Web version too! It can be obtained for testing through the same email address.

Redesigned Reminders to arrive in KWHotel v.0.47!

KWHotel v.0.47 is already available for testing but our Team is not lowering the pace. Soon, two new features will be introduced:

1.  Redesigned reminders system – all reminders will be organized into a single window where you will be able to choose which reminder do you want to check
2. For KWHotel Pro owners – new database connection engine. In case your Internet connection experiences any malfunction, KWHotel will monitor the network traffic. As soon as Internet is back online, the connection will be reestablished. The current “Database connection error” messages will be replaced with a single window.

Get KWHotel 0.47 now!

Interested in seeing the 0.47 version in action? Write us at and get your trial run today!
Do not forget to check the new Web version too! It can be obtained for testing through the same email address.

Manage your Point of Sale stations with our new integration!

The synchronization with POSbistro is complete! If you are running a restaurant or other Point of Sale in your facility, this option is for you!

POSbistro is a mobile software for restaurants and catering. It works on PC’s, Android devices – tablets, SmartTVs and smartwatches.
It is used in over hundred restaurants in Europe.

What are the advantages of having those 2 systems connected?

+ Save time. Assign charges to your hotel guest`s billing with just one click
+ Streamline the communication. Quickly exchange information between your Point of Sale stations
+ Centralize work and management. Manage all stations using one POS software. Access the data in real time from multiple and various devices
+ Gain bigger revenue. Better communication means better effectiveness
+ Stay mobile and independent carrying POSbistro on your Android device
+ Unify your accounting by performing the whole billing in your PMS software
+ Know your Customer! POSbistro accumulates all your customers data, letting you create their profiles and identify them when they visit your restaurant

How does the KWHotel <-> POSbistro integration work?

Whenever a guest starts occupying a room in KWHotel, information about this reservation is transferred to POSbistro. POSbistro opens a new billing account for your guest and allows to charge him with services and products. This information is sent back to KWHotel and automatically included in the reservation total. This allows you to invoice your guest during the last day of stay. Therefore he will pay for both accommodation and extra services.

How much does it cost?

KWHotel and POSbistro are considered to be one of the most affordable programs in the hotel industry.
Synchronization fee on KWHotel side is an one-time payment of 219 EUR. The cost of POSbistro fee is negotiated directly with the provider.

I like it! How can I sign up?

Synchronization with POSbistro can be purchased by contacting us at


To celebrate the integration, from 12.05.2017 to 30.06.2017, upon purchasing the POSbistro synchronization module, you can choose from one of the following bonuses:

1. Two hours of free implementation training, performed by the technicial support of POSbistro, via videochat. During that training you may ask questions about the POSbistro`s functionality and workflow. Outside the promotion, this training course if worth over 120 EUR + tax.

2. One month of POSbistro license free of charge

3. Three months of using the Kekemeke app free of charge. Afterwards, the price for the app is +49 PLN net/month, added to the package or the service can be switched off.

When ordering the POSbistro synchronization via, please write us which bonus did you choose.

KWHotel 0.47 – updated list of features

We have updated the list of features and possibilities brought to you by the upcoming KWHotel 0.47 version. If you are interested in trying the new version out, please contact us at for further details!

New synchronizations = explosion of possibilities:

– Implemented synchronization with two revenue management systems – BookingSuite Rate Manager and YieldPlanet Price Optimizer.
No more guessing in rates planning! Now take aware decission, based on analysis of important factors (like competition prices, events, historical data and more) or put the system on auto-pilot to optimize your rates, thus income!
 Synchronization with Quickbooks accounting software – now your invoices can be sent directly to Quickbooks now!
– Support for credit card payments; first to be deployed in the KWHotel Booking Engine and later in KWHotel itself.  It will give the possibility to your clients to pay by credit card for their package.
 Synchronization with FastBooking channel manager – simple and intuitive system to distribute your prices to most profitable channels.
– Synchronization with Point-of-Sale system “POSBistro”. Now your hotel and restaurant can be billed in one system!

Brand new features:

– Long-term reservation module for easier management of such reservations
Resource based reservations for optimized and automated allotment organizing
– Rate plan wizard so that managing rates is intuitive and simple
– Booking confirmation wizard; newly created booking confirmations can be further edited and configured to be sent automatically
– Online bookings module which shows you all reservations downloaded from and channel managers
– Completely rebuilt Users module; new Permissions feature that allows to fully and in details manage roles of each individual program user
– Added price period wizard to the rate plans module
– Added meals wizard

Enhanced reporting and statistics:

– Implemented possibility to send automated reports and booking confirmations; they can be set up using multiple criteria
– More legible and informative layout of reports module
– New Housekeeping calendar and reports
– Improved the “Reservation – custom report”; it now contains additional fields, requested by the Users

Local language versions:

– Improved the Italian translation of the program
– Improved the English translation of the program
– Improved the Greek translation of the program

System overall efficiency:

– Optimized data exchange between workstations (KWHotel Pro); it now takes no longer than 1-2 seconds
– Redesigned interface to be more friendly and intuitive
– Added tooltips in the majority of program modules so that User is always aware what the given option does
– Significantly increased program performance

KWHotel in the cloud

We are strongly developing our cloud-based product KWHotel Web. See below what it gains with 0.47 update:
– Redesigned, mobile friendly interface
– User management module
– Customer management functionality
– Room management module
– Possibility to issue fiscal documents
– Rate management module
– Basic synchronization with and YieldPlanet

Installation and setup:

– Rebuilt KWHotel Pro setup for much easier installation
– Facilitated the license loading and managing multiple properties on the same database
– Faster program startup


– Added support for reservation and customer import
– Added possibility to fully restore any deleted reservation, including its` history

Faster and safer synchronization:

– Improved the synchronization security in case of the channel manager or synchronization
– Faster data synchronization with channel manager and

Remaining enhancements:

– Additional logs in the program installation directory that allow you to monitor the program`s work
– Deleting each reservation will now require submitting a reason for deleting
– Added support for Closed to Arrival and Close to Departure options for higher availability flexibility
– Intelligent logging system; KWHotel will remember the last property you have logged to (in case of multiple properties on the same database)
– Improved the appearance and functionality of the registration card
– Added new options to the rate plans module for higher price flexibility
– Hotel packages can again be created with a proper rate plan configuration
– Further improvements to the Statistics module for easier data analysis
– Added search filters to the Logbook module
– Added many enhancements to the Meals module
– Added new variables to customize your invoices
– Printouts can now be modified using a simple wizard
– Added possibility to create services for multiple days
– Added settings verification to KWHotel Booking Engine
– Added new messages and tooltips to KWHotel Booking Engine
– Added possibility to assign independent documents to reservations
– Added possibility to issue one receipt to multiple reservations

The freedom of choice – more details on the Users module v.0.47

The development of KWHotel 0.47 is proceeding steadily towards the great final. Today we would like to shed you some more light on one of the most important improvements over the exisitng 0.46 release – the Users module.

The new version of the Users module gives you much flexibility in regards to creating different privilege levels. Below you will find the list presenting some of options that are already incorporated to KWHotel 0.47 update.


  • Introduction of the role management button – it allows you to create new types of users (such as Manager, Housekeeping Staff or anything you wish) as well as manage their exact privileges
  • Splitting the level of permissions between reports and the rest of the program – for instance, now you can determine the range of data and types of reports each user can access and generate
  • Each user can either edit or just view the given module / option
  • Grand modification of the interface – the placement of all buttons and their appearance has been rearranged for a more intuitive experience


  • Display / do not display the chosen module in the program (i.e. the Rate Plans module)
  • Determine, until when can the given user modify the fiscal document (always, up to 24 hours, never)
  • Determine how much can the given user modify in the reservation screen (price, date, rooms, payments, meals, products, number of people)
  • Prevent users from deleting documents and reservations
  • Allow users to set the housekeeping dates and include comments
  • Determine access to every single report in the program