Google Reviews – why are they so important?

01.07.2019 Anna Piątek, KWHotel Customer Advisor
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Google Reviews is a useful tool to help building the company’s trust and credibility in business. In the previous entries we discussed how to build, maintain and reward customer loyalty. Today, we will focus on how to obtain more online reviews from your customers and why they are so important.


1. Why are Google reviews important? 

  • Google Reviews build the trust and credibility of the brand

According to the Spiegel Research Center, 95% of customers are verifying other people`s opinions before making a purchase decision.  That`s where the importance of trustful reviews kicks in – it makes it easier for potential guest to choose your offer. 

  • Google Reviews help with local SEO

The key element to improving local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the refined Google My Business profile and the appropriate quantity and quality of Google Reviews.

During the configuration of Google My Business profile, it is worth paying attention to elements such as precise contact details and adequate category in which your business operates. The right category will affect keywords in the search engine. Good quality photos and pointing the business hours of your company will also play to your advantage.

Google Reviews help with local SEO

Google Reviews help with local SEO

2. How to gain customer reviews?

First of all, it is worth encouraging your guests to leave an opinion. If you offer the highest level services and care about customers, many of them are probably willing to share a positive review. In our previous article, you will find information on how to improve the quality of customer service.

Secondly, make it easier for guests to add reviews. For example, you may provide direct links to add reviews and attach them in emails. That’s why you should consider Google Reviews in email marketing and follow up this process.

3. How do you reply to Google Reviews? What to do with negative ones?

There are two basic elements to keep in mind when answering Google reviews:

  • Try to answer comments as soon as possible and always respond to everything!
  • When answering, you can use keywords such as company name and services names to help your SEO. Don’t overdo it with the quantity because it can be considered spam.
Use Google Reviews to maintain better customer relationships

Use Google Reviews to maintain better customer relationships

What to do if you get negative feedback? – Do not be afraid, everything can be fixed!

Above all, remember about high culture when replying to negative comments. The worst thing you can do is accuse the client and disregard negative feelings – even if the comment is not true or also harmful to you! It is worth apologizing to client for the inconvenience he had to experience. You may reply that you have not been able to verify this comment or present your point of view. Try offering compensation or propose direct contact to clarify the situation.

What if you have a positive feedback from the customer? First and foremost thank him!

Remember to thank for all positive feedback. Your customer didn’t have to share some nice words about you online. It is also worth rewarding such actions in some way – even a small gift from your company counts. You can use this positive feedback in your marketing activities and utilize the tools that will help you put Google reviews on your website.

In this entry, I wanted to draw attention to an important aspect of online reviews. If you enjoyed my article, follow us on a regular basis. Soon we will publish more articles about the customer relations!

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