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01.03.2019 Karolina Rubacha, Product Specialist
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Hotel booking engine – these 5 ideas will provide you with more reservations from your website!

Your website is the calling card for a hotel. When thinking of the hospitality industry, what is the most important choice we wish our homepage visitors to make? Making a reservation of course!

Decisions are often made on the spot, based on our current emotional state. A well-crafted hotel website takes such behaviour into account.  If visitor considers making a reservation, give him an instant possibility of doing so! This is where an online booking engine comes into play.

Today we are taking a look at 5 features which will make your website booking engine immediately catch attention of potential guests, leading to an increased number of new reservations!

1. Catch your guest`s attention with appealing hotel booking engine visuals

To help visually match the booking engine to the website, it often provides dozens of options to customize the look of its reservation calendar – from the color to the presentation of the content. The minimalistic design of the booking engine will help to better match the system to your page. A good idea would be to have more than one location for clients to access the booking engine, e.g. a dedicated tab for the reservation system and a reservation button on the home page.

2. Provide several languages to browse your hotel booking engine offer

If possible, translating your offer to at least two languages is worth the effort to reach a larger target group. Not everyone may feel comfortable in your native language (unless you are in the heart of London, that is) Some systems, including our own KWHotel Booking Engine, do not stop at translating just your labels and messages – you may also load different translations for your room groups` names and descriptions!

3. Make browsing your offer a pleasure

Clicking the “Book now” button is only a part of the success. Getting lost in lengthy descriptions of rooms or being overwhelmed with possible booking choices may quickly scare your customer off. To counter the first issue, simply keep your narration short and concise. As for the second problem, consider categorizing your rooms, allowing your visitor to filter them based on their location or standard.

4. Deploy a fast and efficient payment system

Being able to pay upfront has a higher impact on your overall business than you may think. Not only it fits those with the pay-and-forget attitude (like me) but it also lessens the strain on your front desk, since guests do not have to process payments with your receptionists. You may also combine online payments with sending online registration forms, further speeding up the check-in process!

5. Send a quick reservation confirmation to your guest

No one wants to feel uncertain. This also applies to receiving an instant confirmation that your reservation was noted by the hotel. Booking engines can fully automate this part of your work as they can send such information dynamically, without human assistance. With KWHotel Booking Engine, this also translates to sending additional messages to your staff and hotel managers, ensuring everyone is ready to greet their beloved guest!

Another reservation channel at your disposal

Now that you have reliable foundations to work with, the last step (or should I rather say first?) requires you to select the suitable booking engine. There are plethora of systems available online. Which option to choose comes down to finding the best balance between the functions you need and the price you are willing to pay.

If you would like to keep all your functionalities within the KWHotel family, you may consider our KWHotel Booking Engine solution. It lets you incorporate all the improvements I mentioned in this article, while leaving the whole revenue to you (no commissions are taken for reservations!).

In case you have any further questions regarding the online reservation systems and their impact on hotel industry, feel free to check our latest presentation >>> !


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