Hotel data security – how do we keep your database secure?

20.03.2017 Mariusz Luzar, Product Specialist
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Hotel data security is one of the foundations of a well-organised property. KWHotel is one of the most secure solutions on the market.

Why safety of hotel data security is so crucial?

With the increased usage of IT systems to manage companies, also comes the threat of cybercrimes. Companies are now not attacked individually but globally – i.e. by sending an email containing infected files to hundreds or thousands of addresses at once. Anyone can become the hackers` next target. Despite the low probability of such event, we believe that it is still necessary to secure yourself in any case.

How do we protect our users?

  1. Data backup on our servers – one of the attack methods is to install a virus in company computers, that encrypts files and blocks access and then requires a ransom to receive an unlock password. All data inserted to software for hotels KWHotel can have their backup copy stored on our servers. Thanks to this solution the user can always restore his data and instantly resume the company`s operations. Such option is also useful in case a computer is damaged and data is irreversibly destroyed.
  2. Password encryption – passwords inserted by KWHotel users are known only to them. Even our Team has no access there as they are stored in an encrypted form. This ensures they cannot be stolen – such files will be useless even if acquired by third-parties.
  3. Security of our servers – discs that store data of KWHotel customers, use the newest anti-virus and anti-theft technologies. There is more: we also apply internal procedures so that only the authorized user can obtain the data stored on our servers.
  4. Other solutions – there are too many of them to name each one separately. In general, it includes unauthorized access detection systems, rapid response systems and primarily prevention of such situations. We refine the code so that no loophole is created to be used by an unauthorized person.

Every user is protected!

No matter which KWHotel version is used by our customer, he receives a full safety package. Even the free version contains all safety systems we developed.



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