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23.02.2017 Mariusz Luzar, Product Specialist
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It takes 1 idea and 5 simple steps to generate much more traffic and revenue through your website!

The second decade of the 21st century is all about the “internetisation” of our lives. Wondering what’s the weather like? You do not look out the window, but instead grab your smartphone and check the forecast. Hungry? You enter the webpage of your favorite restaurant and order a home delivery. Do you want to go for a family weekend to the luxurious hotel? Well, you do not call and ask for vacancies …

On the one hand, the Internet has brought us unmatched possibilites to interact with other people. At the same time, it also allows us to reduce the need to talk to a minimum. You, as a hotelier, should not fight the inevitable. Instead, adjust your hotel to the new reality and give the customer a convenient way of booking through your website.

Online booking engine is a remedy to increase your website traffic

The advantages of having such system are huge. First of all, the implementation does not require large financial expenditures. So, you spend a minimum amount of money and soon turn it into much bigger profits. Why is it so? It`s simple! The less effort the customer needs to put in, the more likely is he to actually finish the process.

The skilful presentation of your offer in the reservation system can be up to 50% more efficient in convincing the customer to book. That`s in comparison to a phone call or a simple description of available rooms on the website.

The last but not least, an online reservation system gives you more traffic and better positioning. This results in more visits on your website and more reservations in the process.

Today we will focus on increasing your profits and effective range in which you reach the customers. Let`s go!

Step 1: Possibility to book via website must be visible at a glance

The basic mistake is to hide the booking button in a highly abstract place. Unfortunately, the “Contact us” tab is not the right choice. As a result, you significantly reduce the chance that your client places a booking. If you care about profits, place the reservation system (or a large sized “Book now” button) on the home page of the hotel.

Step 2: Good photos are a must

My colleague Pavlos made a very accurate observation in his recent blog post; without decent pictures you have little chance of getting a customer to visit your hotel. This rule also applies to your booking system on the website – put the latest high-resolution photos of your property. Give them some feeling. Let them show these rooms in such a way that you yourself would love to spend the night in them. Do not also forget about the neat picture of a bathroom to prove the high standard of the hotel.

Step 3: Interesting descriptions that capture the imagination

It’s not about hiring a famous writer to describe your offer, but it does not hurt to give your descriptions a soul. List the room features and then try to reach your customer`s heart. Assure him that staying in this room will allow him to go back in time or that he will forget about everyday worries. The person reading your offer will appreciate a difference after browsing through hundreds of dry descriptions that can be found at every other hotel.

Step 4: Do not go overboard with the number of offers

Although a large amount of money fills us with joy, the necessity of going through multiple offers does not. Studies show that the human mind does not tolerate too much choice. Rather than offering 3 meal and 3 non-meal included options, think if you are able to reduce them to one or two. This will ensure your customer never gets confused.

Step 5: Tell the customer everything he needs before he makes a booking

At this point I again refer to the post of Pavlos. He stated you should inform the customer about events such as a temporary hold of funds on credit card. To counter this, I recommend placing the hotel regulations on the website. Make sure to keep them simple and without any grammar errors. Nothing deterred me from making a purchase as much as seeing simple mistakes on the website. Believe me, we are legion. Clear regulations prove the professionalism of your hotel and increase the trust of your customer who knows exactly what he is purchasing.

Ready-made solutions? There are many!

Certainly you do not want to spend much on developing your own online booking system. Luckily, the market offers you a lot of ready-made solutions. As a hotelier you have many responsibilities on your shoulders and every chance to save time and money is priceless.

  • If you search for a cheap, yet effective booking engine, our company offers a special extension for KWHotel Pro – KWHotel Booking Engine. It allows you to easily apply every of the above steps and at the same time requires only a minor annual subscription fee. The most important part is that the allotment and prices synchronize automatically between our PMS and the booking engine, saving you the need to manually accept bookings or type prices online.
  • Another extremely effective, but more expensive solution is to use the booking engine offered by the YieldPlanet or ProfitRoom channel manager. Both of them provide you with enormous possibilities and also can be fully synchronized with our hotel management software.
  • On the market there also are many third-party solutions, but they do not automate your work as much as KWHotel Booking Engine, YieldPlanet or ProfitRoom – that`s because the data is not automatically synchronized with KWHotel, requiring a more manual approach.
  • In case you have actually developed your own, home-made booking engine, it can be synchronized with KWHotel using our API. For more information, please contact our Support Team.

Are you on board with this idea?

I hope that my article convinced you to deploy the online booking engine on your website. No matter which booking engine will you decide for, it will always greatly benefit your property. If you already have one, you can verify the application of my steps.

That`s all for today, I hope your business will grow bigger every day! See you soon!



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