Resource reservations – a new way to manage your hotel allotment

27.10.2017 Mariusz Luzar, Product Specialist
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Hotel allotment – learn how the resource reservations module can help effectively manage your guest stays in KWHotel.

The regular reservation process implies that a room is assigned to guest in the beginning. It is clearly comfortable and very reliable in case of small accommodation facilities.

But what about a situation where there are multiple room groups and each of them includes several rooms? Despite appearances, it creates a risk that your reservations are not managed in the most effective way.

What does efficiency mean in this case? An accurate placement of bookings protects us from events where for each day of reservation there is a vacant room but not the same one. Best case scenario? You can swap reservations on the calendar (meaning the current guests must be relocated to other rooms) and thus place your new reservation in a single room for the whole stay. Worst case scenario requires you to move your guest from room to room, day by day, effectively lowering his satisfcation with your services.

Such events stand out even more if you synchronize with portals such as Since such portals work only with room groups, they do not notice that in the given term we do not have the vacancy for the same room. This results in a completely correct reservations, which however are not possible to be saved in a single room.


Optimal handling of your hotel allotment

This is where the resource reservations come in handy. This way of booking rooms is mainly used by large hotels but it can be effectively adapted to smaller accommodation facilities.

How does it work? It`s simple. Resource reservations allow you to book a term for a selected room group but without specifying which room will the guest sleep in. KWHotel 0.47 and higher version can be expanded with such resource reservations module. This makes KWHotel provide an optimal placement of reservations on the calendar (resource bookings are marked with special arrows). Your task, during the guest check in, is only to assign him a room.

Such solution greatly reduces a risk of room vacancy issue I described before. It helps us plan our guests` reservations more optimally, especially considering the fact that guests love to change their mind, don`t they? Now you just check the resource reservation again and see which rooms are proposed by KWHotel.

Resource reservations are already here!

If you are interested in the resource reservation module, it can be acquired in the following way:

– With an enabled synchronization of YieldPlanet, ProfitRoom, WuBook or, the resource reservation module is activated by default

I hope my article has shown you a new way of managing reservations. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section!



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