Why KWHotel works so well?

10.04.2017 Mariusz Luzar, Product Specialist
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Why KWHotel works so well? Because it`s a software we missed ourselves.

Hotel software has gone a long way, searching for its` identity. In the recent years it appeared in thousands of different forms but many companies still struggled to find one that would suit all of their needs.

That is why, on one hand, many accommodation facilities prefer to pay for a software built for them on demand, while at the same time there are many facilities that use software running under the DOS operating system, which was designed in 90s. Software hardly ever strikes the balance. It is either too complex or underdeveloped. We know that because we encountered such programs ourselves.

How to enclose in one package all the options expected by customers and avoid being overcomplicated at the same time?

Raising this question was something that started the development process of KWHotel software which was meant to include everything that we missed in similar solutions. In the end, we decided that the software for hotels should meet four requirements:

  1. Operating requires minimal learning – that means understanding the system step by step, also through visual aids. From our experience we know that illegible interface discourages user from using all functionalities of the program. Our goal was to avoid situation where a part of work is done by customer on paper, because he is scared by the complexity of the system and time required to learn it properly.
  1. Modularity – that means ability to attach or detach new functionalities including: channel manager synchronization, online booking engine or mobile app. Users who need such solutions, can implement them while others may simply forget about their existence. Such approach increases clarity and gives you a direct control over your program`s functionality.
  1. Different versions for different recipients – because why would you pay for functions that you do not need? Small companies can rely on a free software version which includes basic functionality: room and customer base, calendar etc. The Standard version also grants you the mail sending option, meals planning or accounting while the Pro version includes all the previously mentioned modules and also ability to work on multiple workstations and via Internet.
  1. Security – the license subscription provides every customer with a free of charge support. We deal with problems and malfunctions efficiently. Every version, including the free one, is also supplied with our security systems that protect the company data.

To achieve all goals is of course not simple. The current versions of KWHotel are results of many years spent on perfecting details. We are proud to see how much we have accomplished over this time. We encourage everyone to try our solutions – for free, with a possibility to unlock additional functions if needed.



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