Prepare the perfect job interview

These 7 tips will greatly increase your chance to impress the candidate during a job interview!

Recruitment is one of the main tasks every hotelier has to face. Hiring employees that fit your vision is key. The properly organised and conducted recruitment process will help every employer choose the most suitable candidate. This blog post is intended to give you basic hints on how to perform an efficient “scouting” of your potential worker.

1. Carefully study the CV to pick the interesting candidates

Well done job interview is based on a solid study of the candidates` CVs. Try taking an individual approach. Aside from a standard questionnnaire, prepare some unusual questions. It is a worthy idea to focus on skills and qualities acquired by the candidate during his past work experience.

2. Two lists will help you create the perfect questions

One of the most successful ways to prepare them is the “Psychological test” method. It verifies the candidate`s skills and personal traits by checking his behavior in the pre-determined situations. To do so, prepare two lists. One of them should include the essential skills. The second – skills that are appreciated but not obligatory. Based on the both lists, create a set of random questions that will be asked to every candidate. Remember to inform the candidate that you require him to answer in a descriptive way.

3. Remember about a proper introduction

Your job interview should always begin by introducing yourself and the colleagues. Then inform the candidate about the way the interview will be conducted. Describe your company profile and structure. Remind him the details of the position he applies for and the room for advancement. The candidate must believe he is in the right place.

4. Make a good impression of your company

Firstly prepare a comfortable environment to conduct a conversation. Remember, that during the job interview not only your applicant is a subject for rating, but your business as well. Lead a discussion in such a way that your company fazes the candidate. Show him the advantages of your employment. It is also crucial that your colleagues, who participate in the interview, have familiarized themselves with the candidate`s CV beforehand.

5. Study the candidate`s body language

Remain focused during the interview. Listen to the candidate and make notes. Pay attention to his body language and see if the tries to avoid any answers. If you catch him doing so, try asking additional questions. Such nuances make the difference between the perfect candidate and someone not worth your time.

6. Give your candidate some time to ask questions

Now it is time to give your candidate an opportunity to take the initiative. Check if there is anything he would like to know about your company or his position. Thank him for his time. It is crucial to inform about the deadline when your decision will be known.

7. Plan your subsequent interviews carefully

The last but not least, make sure to have some room between the interviews. This way you can maintain the fresh impression of the candidates. It also gives you some time to enhance your notes for the future reference.

Let the search begin!

Now that the season is over, you can finally take a deep breath and…start preparing for the next one! Hopefully our guide will aid you in these preparations.
Do you have any special ways to conduct such job interviews? Let us know in the comments!



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