KWHotel 0.47.95 – update changelog

– Added possibility to automatically include local tax for reservations made via

– Prevented incorrect configuration of commissions in KWHotel Web for Apartments module
– Fixed logic behind commissions

– Introduced new helpful messages for synchronization with channel managers
– Added possibility to automatically include meals in reservations from a channel manager. Meals must be selected in a rate plan, not in price periods

– Fixed the Italian Police Report
– Fixed the meals report
– Fixed issues with Tax sales report
– Fixed the “Revenue report”; it can be used once again
– “National statistics” report no longer takes into account the “Out of order” reservations

– Added the automated check-in option (Tools –> Configuration –> Calendar –> “Set reservation status to occupied day after it starts”
– History of reservations can now be erased correctly
– Fixed accuracy of CTD (Closed to Arrival) parameter – the last day of price period is affected correctly

– Added new parameters to “Text” and “HTML” types of booking confirmations
– Added minor improvements to automated email sending
– Fixed template modification for emails and SMS messages
– Fixed adding custom attachments to email messages
– Added visibility of subventions as advance / payment in email messages
– Prepared a new view for attachment creation window and improved its` user friendliness
– Automatically sent emails will now change the color of “Issue document” button to green

– Fixed problem with creating database structure during a software update
– Updated TLS encryption to v.1.2.

– Added fixes to user permissions` module

– Fixed the “Edit restrictions” option; now it can be applied to multiple rooms, using the “Apply to multiple room groups” option
– Modified the functionality of „Edit restrictions” button in the Rate Plans module:
When modifying restrictions, the number of people included in the base price is not affected, unless a checkbox is selected.
Moreover, if we select just one price period, KWHotel will ask first whether we wish to edit a single price period or all price periods in this room group.
– Fixed creating rate plan based on an already existing one. Number of people included in the base price and base price will be transferred correctly
– Added possibility to increase the size of room group names` window in the Rate Plans module

KWHotel now available on Mac OS!

Use KWHotel on Mac OS and LinuxWe are glad to announce that KWHotel can now be used on Mac OS. Thanks to our cooperation with the Parallels software, you may now emulate Windows on Mac OS, allowing to run KWHotel on it.

All functionalities available in the Windows version of KWHotel, remain usable with Parallels engaged.


To learn about the details, please click here.


KWHotel Channel Manager is now available!

With KWHotel Channel Manager, your rates, availabilities and reservations can be synchronized between KWHotel PMS and online booking portals (such as or Expedia).

We support dozens of portals. You may view the list here. If you did not find a channel on the list, please write us a message at Our Team will estimate if such channel can be added to the portfolio.

KWHotel Channel Manager can be used together with the KWHotel Booking Engine (sold separately). It allows your hotel website guests to book reservations and make payments using PayPal and payment gateways.

I`m interested!

In such case please contact us at to receive a questionnaire. It will be used to provide you with a quote.

KWHotel Support phone line will not be available on the 1st of November 2017

Tomorrow (1.11.2017) the English, Greek and Italian phone line will not be available. This is caused by the religious holiday in Poland, where our company is based.

Email messages at will still be monitored in case of any emergencies.

KWHotel 0.47 update is ready to arrive in your hotel!

After many months of intensive development, the KWHotel 0.47 update has finally become available for installation.
Bringing you a great number of enhancements and new features, it is the largest program update in the KWHotel history.

What is new with the 0.47 version?

You may find the changelog for KWHotel 0.47 by clicking HERE.

How to obtain the new update?

Please write us at to schedule your update day. The whole process is free of charge!
KWHotel 0.47 update is currently available only for the KWHotel Standard and Pro Users.
The KWHotel Free 0.47 version will be released in a nearest future.

KWHotel 0.47.58 update brings the price change functionality to the Calendar module

The 0.47.58 update has just been released. Apart from the significant performance improvements, it also brings you the new function to the Calendar module.
In the bottom right corner of the Calendar, you will notice a new tab – “Prices”.

See your prices directly on the calendar!

By switching to the “Prices” tab you will cause KWHotel to display a daily price for every day on the calendar.
The prices are downloaded from the Rate Plans module. You can switch between the rate plans on the go.

Change prices without leaving the Calendar module

If you now select a term on the Calendar and click the right mouse button, you will find the “Edit price” option. This way you can edit your prices for multiple rooms, without even visiting the Rate Plans module.

Interested in getting KWHotel 0.47 update?
Write us at and schedule your day!

Italian phone line has been enabled

We are happy to announce that the Italian phone line is already up and running!
Interested in discussing our solutions or asking for assistance? Feel free to call at +39 069 480 09 92.


The Italian support office hours are as follows:
Tuesday: 8:00 A.M – 4.00 P.M (GMT +1.00)
Thursday: 8.00 A.M – 4.00 P.M (GMT +1.00)

Dashboard module receives additional customization options

Available in KWHotel 0.47 update, the “Dashboard” module provides your receptionists with basic tools they need every day. Arrivals and departures lists, reservation creator, statistics – all these features can be accessed from a single window.

To further enhance the data presentation, we have decided to add a possibility to resize the Arrivals / Departures / No show reservation menu. Also, the Statistics column can be hidden if you do not need to view them on a daily basis.

Get KWHotel 0.47 now!

The above features will be released soon. You can request a 0.47 version trial by contacting us at

Copying prices to the next year now possible with KWHotel v.0.47!

We have received multiple queries to include a possibility of copying your rate plan prices to the next year.

I am happy to confirm this feature is included in the upcoming 0.47 update of KWHotel. A new button was added in the upper part of the rate plan window. By clicking it you can copy all existing rates to the following year, saving you much time (especially if these rates are later synchronized with a channel manager or

Get KWHotel 0.47 now!

Interested in seeing the 0.47 version in action? Write us at and get your trial run today!
Do not forget to check the new Web version too! It can be obtained for testing through the same email address.

Redesigned Reminders to arrive in KWHotel v.0.47!

KWHotel v.0.47 is already available for testing but our Team is not lowering the pace. Soon, two new features will be introduced:

1.  Redesigned reminders system – all reminders will be organized into a single window where you will be able to choose which reminder do you want to check
2. For KWHotel Pro owners – new database connection engine. In case your Internet connection experiences any malfunction, KWHotel will monitor the network traffic. As soon as Internet is back online, the connection will be reestablished. The current “Database connection error” messages will be replaced with a single window.

Get KWHotel 0.47 now!

Interested in seeing the 0.47 version in action? Write us at and get your trial run today!
Do not forget to check the new Web version too! It can be obtained for testing through the same email address.