What types of devices can I purchase for my property?

The Sezam24 company offers kiosks and tablets for the guest self-check-in.

What types of locks does the device support?

1. Integration with a kiosk supports RFID radial wave locks,
2. Integration with a tablet supports RFID radial wave locks and magnetic locks that support the FIAS standard.
So if you have magnetic locks, just check if they support the FIAS standard – they don’t even have to be connected to the KWHotel Pro software,

Which lock models support kiosks and tablets?

1. Kiosk supports the following RFID radial wave locks: Salto, Onity, Assa Abloy, Omnitec, Orbita, SmartKey, Betech, Kaba, FoxLock, CISA
2. Tablet supports the following RFID radial wave locks and magnetic locks (if your model supports the FIAS standard):
Salto, Onity, Assa Abloy, Omnitec, Orbit, SmartKey, Betech, Kaba, FoxLock, CISA.

What are the differences between a kiosk and a tablet?

Both devices share the same User Interface and allow guest to safely check-in by himself.
However, there are also some differences:

Kiosk is an independent device that you can place anywhere in the reception.
It has a built-in device for encoding room cards. The guest doesn’t have to manually program the card,
He just presses the appropriate button and collects the pre-programmed card.

A tablet is a smaller device that you can place on the front desk.
You connect it to the hotel lock encoder installed on the computer.
The guest can manually program the card by pressing the card to the reader.

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