Extending synchronization period for Channel Manager

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This manual includes:

1. How to extend synchronization periods
2. How to synchronize periods with the Channel Manager

1. How to extend synchronization periods

Attention! The availability synchronization period can only be extended for days where there are prices inserted in the channel manager. For this reason, please make sure the prices for next year are already inserted in the channel manager.

Step by step instruction on how to extend the synchronization periods:

  1. Go to the “Rate plans” module.
  2. Select the rate plan where you wish to extend the availability synchronization period.
  3. Double click on the rate plan`s name or hit the “Edit” button.

4. On the list, select the main availability period which you wish to extend.
5. Double click on the selected period or hit the “Edit” button.
6. In the “To” field, extend the synchronization Remember that this period must contain prices in the channel manager.
7. Having extended the date, click the “Save” button.

2. How to synchronize periods with the Channel Manager

8. Click the “Synchronize settings” button.

9. On the list of active synchronizations, select connection where you wish to send the extended availability to.
10. Click the “Correct” button.
11. If you receive a message, informing about differences in availability, please press the “OK” button.

Attention! Steps 9, 10 and 11 must be repeated for every connection, displayed on the list.

Congratulations! You have uploaded availability for further periods!
If you have more synchronized rate plans in KWHotel, just repeat the above steps.

Click here to download or print full manual.
If you are synchronized with a Channel manager, you can find instructions on how to extend the prolongation period here.

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