Preparing KWHotel for a connection with Expedia

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This manual includes:

1.Setting Room groups
2. Setting Rate Plans

1. Setting Room groups

When mapping rooms with Expedia it is important to not have any prices set for room groups in the Room tab.
This setting can be changed in Rooms > Room groups > Edit selected room group.

If your prices are set per person, ensure the number of rooms in the room group matches the number in Expedia.
In KWHotel the number of people is set by the number of beds, excluding extra beds.

You can check the number of people set in Expedia by entering Rooms and prices –> Room types and rate plans –> More details – room group in question.
2. Setting Rate Plans

With the synchronization to Expedia it is necessary to set the minimum and maximum stay restrictions in Rate Plans.

To add prices per person it is necessary to not only add the base price, but also the number of people the base price is for and the adult price.

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