Assigning payment to specific products and services

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Attention! This feature is available in version 0.47.157 or higher.

KWHotel allows you to assign a payment to specific goods and services in your reservation and then issue a final invoice to it.

1) When does the window for assigning payments to goods and services appear?

The window appears when an incomplete amount is entered in the “Amount Paid” or “Advance” field. Then go to the Documents > Invoice > Final invoice.

The window will NOT appear in the following cases:

  • if the value ‘0’ appears in the ‘Amount Paid’ or ‘Advance’ fields,
  • when the full amount for the reservation has been entered
  • when you try to issue an advance invoice.

2) How does the payment assignment window look and work?

A – Here you will find all the products and services that still require billing.
Each item also has a quantity and a gross amount.

B – The number of items that you want to settle at the moment.
C – Buttons to move goods to one side or the other side of the column.
Left side: goods and services that require settlement
Right side: goods and services that you want to invoice now

D – “Paid” field indicates the amount currently being paid by the customer. This value is ​​taken from the “Amount Paid” and “Advance” fields in the reservation window.

E – “Remaining to assign” field shows the amount that still has to be settled with the current payment.

F – “Required to settle fully” field shows the amount guest still has to pay to settle your reservation in full.

G – After assigning the whole amount, click the “Create Document” button
to proceed to the invoice creation window.

Step by step guide:

Step 1. Enter the amount in the reservation window (‘Amount Paid’ or ‘Advance’ fields).
Step 2. Go to Documents > Invoice > Final invoice.
Step 3. Select the first product or service you want to settle.
Step 4. Enter the number of units to be settled.
Step 5. Press “Add selected >>>”.

Repeat step 5 for all products and services you want to settle with your current payment. When finished, press “Create Document”.

KWHotel will remember which goods and services (and how many of them) you have already accounted for.
When you are in the payment assignment window again, the column on the left will be updated accordingly.

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