Setting automatic remarks to the invoices

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1. Automated Invoices remarks

Automated invoice remarks allow you to include important information for your customers. Data will be taken from the reservation to ensure it`s personalized for the given customer.

Step by step guide on enabling this feature:

1.Go to Tools –> Configuration –> Invoices –> Page 2.
2.On the bottom you will notice a blank field. Above it there are variables that can be used.

Attention! Variables must be inserted in brackets. For example, if you write “This is our guest {5}”, KWHotel will type the guest`s name instead of {5}. If you do not use brackets, KWHotel will write number 5.

  1. Click “Save” to confirm changes. Now, whenever you issue an invoice from the reservation screen, the “Comments” field will be populated automatically.

Click here to download or print full manual.
Furthermore, if you require a larger edit to the Invoice you may add them with FastReport. The instructions for this may be found here.

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