Overview of the Dashboard module

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This manual includes:

1. Data located in the Dashboard module
2. How to add a resource based reservation
3. What statistics are available in the Dashboard module

1. Data located in the Dashboard module

KWHotel includes two basic views allowing to manage reservations: Reservation calendar and Dashboard.

The latter one was prepared with large properties in mind, letting you work effectively with multiple room groups. When you select the Dashboard view, the following window will appear.

On the left you will notice a daily schedule (1), which includes a list of all arrivals and departures that take place in the given day. Additionally, the list of pending reservations and no show reservations will be shown as well.

If you prefer to display an individual status (i.e. arrivals only), select the appropriate button on the bottom (2). KWHotel also allows you to print the whole list using the “Print” option (3).

The amount of information displayed can be modified, using the “Configuration” button (4).

We are now located in the configuration screen. By pressing the “Enable” option (5) in the correct columns, you will cause them to be displayed in the Dashboard module.

Below you may press the “Enable” option, located next to the “Show future arrivals” section (6). Now insert how many following days will be displayed in the Dashboard module (7). Having finished the configuration, save your changes.

2. How to add a resource based reservation

The right part of the Dashboard module is used to create resource-based reservations (8). Such reservations are made for a room group, without specifying which room will the guest stay in.

To make a reservation, select a date on a calendar (9), then select a room group (10).

Pick the number of people and a rate plan (11).

Press the “Book selected rooms” on the bottom of the screen, or a green icon next to the selected room groups (12). A reservation window will appear where you may choose a room (13) (in the drop down field, a list of vacant rooms will be displayed).

3. What statistics are available in the Dashboard module

The last option offered by the Dashboard module, is the statistics overview. It can be accessed by pressing the following button:

An additional column with hotel statistics will appear.

The allotment section shows a percentage usage of the given room type. To display it, please hover your mouse cursor over the blue strip of statistics.

The total hotel availability shows the total percentage allotment for three following months. It also displays least and most occupied months.

The last part shows statistics for today.

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