Configuring private customer and company information

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1.How to add a private customer and/or company information

A private customer (also known as an individual one) is a single person. They may be associated with a company, but their private information is to be found on the final invoice.
Non-corporate is the default setting when adding a new quest, which can be changed to company information at the top of the Customer window.

Setting private customer and/or company information

Attention! How to assign a company to private guests?

1. Edit a customer (it can be done from the Customer base or from the reservation screen)
2. Below the customer`s name you will notice a grayed out company Next to it there will be a yellow plus. Click it.
3. Now you will be able to assign a company to this customer

When company is assigned to the customer, you will be able to bill either the company or the private customer.

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