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This manual includes:

1. What can be customized using Data Editor
2. Holidays
3. Countries
4.Tax rate
5. Reservation sources
Reservation segment
7. Reservation channels
8. Channel manager commissions
9. Clean beds


1. What can be customized using Data Editor

Data editor lets you include elements that are not available in the default KWHotel database. The module is located in Tools > Data editor.

Currently the data editor allows you to manage the following features:

  • Holidays
  • Countries
  • Tax rate
  • Reservation sources
  • Reservation segments
  • Reservation channels
  • Channel manager commissions
  • Clean beds

The below article contains a short summary of each of these options.

2. Holidays

Allows you to mark holidays and other events on your reservation calendar. For instance you may highlight Easter Holidays or New Year`s Eve.

To configure a new holiday, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Insert the holiday name (i.e. Easter Holiday).
Step 2. Select the time range. You may also copy this event for the future years (“Repeat every year”).
Step 3. Select colour that will be used to highlight your event on the calendar.
Step 4. Press the “Add” button. Event will be displayed on the list on the right side.
Step 5. Press the “Save” button.

Your newly added holiday will now be displayed on the reservation calendar. It is currently not possible to check which event is represented by the given color on the calendar.
To delete a holiday, return to the configuration screen > select a holiday on the list > press the “Delete selected” button.

3. Countries

If you notice that country of your guest is not listed in the KWHotel nationalities list, you may add it manually! To do so:

Step 1. Insert country name (i.e. Great Britain)
Step 2. Insert country symbol (i.e. GB)
Step 3. Press the “Add” button. The newly added country should appear on the list on the right.
Step 4. Press the “Save” button.

Attention! You may also edit the already existing countries. Just double click the country, insert changes and press the “Save” button. To delete the given country, select it on the list and press the “Delete selected” button. Now save your changes.

4. Tax rate

The tax rate module allows you to set taxes that are used in your property. This function is connected directly with fiscalizing receipts on a fiscal printer.

What does each column mean?

Name: name that will be displayed for this tax rate on a fiscal document.
Fiscal name: which PTU value is used for this rate in the fiscal printer.
Value: what value must be inserted to a fiscal document to display the name of this tax rate.

The logic of the above columns is best explained in the following case:

Let us assume our fiscal printer has a tax rate of 8%, registered under the PTU_B. We wish to recreate such configuration in KWHotel.

To achieve that:

  • in the “Fiscal name” column we search for the “PTU_B”. This is the row we will configure.
  • in the “Name field we type “8%”; it is the result that will be displayed in the fiscal documents.
  • in the “Value” field we type “8”.

What does the above configuration mean?

When we insert value “8” in the “Tax (%)” field of the fiscal document creation screen:

  • when printing an invoice, program will change “8” to “8%”
  • when fiscalizing, KWHotel will verify that value “8” is related to PTU_B rate. As a result a signal will be sent to fiscal printer to print whatever value it has registered in the PTU_B rate.

It is crucial that PTU rates in both KWHotel and fiscal printer were configured the same way. Otherwise, if for instance our KWHotel has 8% configured for PTU_B rate while fiscal printer has 23% configured for PTU_B, receipt will be fiscalized for 23%.

5. Reservation sources

This tab allows you to edit reservation sources in KWHotel.
It consists of the following columns:

ID – shows order in which sources were added to database Name – displays the reservation source name
Symbol – displays symbol of the given source
Color – lets you assign color to the given source. It is used to highlight reservations when the “Reservation source” tab is activated in the reservation calendar.
Deposit – shows deposit assigned to the given source. If reservation from such source is downloaded from channel manager, KWHotel will insert a deposit`s percentage value to the “Subvention” field located in a reservation screen.

Reservation sources can be added to database in a several ways:

  1. Directly in a reservation screen > Other tab > insert source in the “Source of reservation” field.
  2. Source is added automatically if reservation is downloaded from a channel manager, or KWHotel Booking Engine.
  3. In the data editor > Reservation sources. Just press the “Add” button to create an empty row where new source can be inserted.

6. Reservation segments

Allows you to insert reservation segments such as guest age or marital status. Segments can then be inserted in a reservation screen > “Other” tab.
To generate a segment report, you may use the “Reservation source” report.

The process of adding new segments is the same as with reservation sources, described above.

7. Reservation channels

Allows you to insert channels such as email or phone. Channels can then be inserted in a reservation screen > “Other” tab.
To generate a channel report, you may use the “Reservation source” report.

The process of adding new channels is the same as with reservation sources, described above.

8. Channel manager commissions

It`s a feature dedicated for companies renting apartments of private owners, where commission charged by the given online reservation system is based on an apartment`s location.
To properly utilize this module, a channel manager synchronization is required, so that reservation source is provided.
Commission of the given source is then modified by KWHotel, depending on the room group.

The window includes the following columns:

Base source: includes a source KWHotel will assign deposit to.
Room group: allows you to select a room group (in our case location of the given group of apartments) the commission will be applied to.
Commission: contains a percentage value of commission for the given reservation source and location.

The channel manager commission feature is most useful when apartments in KWHotel are grouped depending on their location.
In such case we can apply a different commission for the same source (i.e. depending on the apartment location.

9. Clean beds

The module allows you to insert a number of clean beds, currently located in the given room.
Such information can be displayed next to a room symbol on a reservation calendar. To achieve that, the following function must be activated in Tools > Configuration > Calendar: “Display number of clean beds”.

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