Configuration- Layout

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1.1. Layout (page 1)

Fields displaying file names of every fiscal document (1). Icons located in the right part of the screen can be used to change the file location.
We support files in .rdlc and .frx format.

Replace 0% tax with (2) – allows to insert an alternative value that will replace the 0% tax in fiscal documents.

Documents templates for all hotels (3) – this function will be described later.

Fields used to select the old booking confirmation templates if we still wish to use them in a reservation screen (4).

Enable old booking confirmation (5) – allows to generate the old booking confirmations (.rdlc extension).
Enabling this option will make them reappear in a reservation window > Issue document > Old booking confirmations

Download rates from the channel manager (6) – this option is currently unavailable.

Hotel ID card (7) – this option is no longer used in KWHotel 0.47. Instead, please use the new registration card template, available in the Email section.

1.2. Layout (page 2)

This field allows you to define regulations that will be displayed on booking confirmations (1).

Additional “Save” button will appear when you make any changes (2). Please click it for changes to be saved.

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