What do I need to do before an OTA synchronization?

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Before we are able to connect your Channel Manager or Booking portal to KWHotel you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Make sure you have an active an account at one of our OTA partners (Channel managers: YieldPlanet, Wubook or the Booking Portal Booking.com) and completed relevant trainings/settings required to operate the account.

2. Set up your rooms and room groups in KWHotel (instructions  can be found here: Room Base manual ver 0.47 and video tutorial “Rooms” ver 0.47). It is crucial to create in KWHotel the same amount of room groups as in the Channel Manager/Booking and with the same names!

3. Familiarize yourself and send us back a signed scan of the „Terms and Conditions of Synchronization” agreement attached to this email.

Attention! When synchronizing KWHotel’s built-in Channel Managers you will also need to fill out the questionnaires we send you with the „Terms and Conditions of Synchronization” agreement. The connection will be based on these answers.

4. Click here to schedule the TeamViewer session at a convenient time to switch on the synchronization. As we may be working in different time zones the calendar will adjust to show you your time zone. 

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