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Take part in a free audit of your hotel operations and receive over 60+ PRO TIPS to battle the pandemic. Our expert Evelyn will also prepare a special PDF report. It includes dozens of extra suggestions on how to improve the marketing activities, gain more reservations and automate the hotel workflow. All of that FOR FREE.

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Our solutions

KWHotel Desktop icon

KWHotel Desktop

Desktop based version of KWHotel with multiple features. Settle reservations, issue invoices, manage pricing policy and much more!

KWHotel Web icon

KWHotel Web

Gain access to your hotel anywhere you are. KWHotel Web gives you access to KWHotel desktop through web browser and ensures you are always updated on latest operations.

Rental management software for apartments

Manage the rental of apartments efficiently. Use an advanced settlement configuration and provide owners with an insight into the occupancy and revenue of their apartments.

KWHotel online Booking Engine icon

KWHotel Booking Engine

Allow your guests to make convenient reservations. Our online booking engine may be placed directly on your website.

Synchronization with OTA

Automatically manage availabilities, rates and reservations with YieldPlanet, SiteMinder, WuBook and directly with Booking.com and Expedia. No longer spend time managing each OTA manually.

KWHotel channel manager icon

KWHotel Channel Manager

Maintain multiple OTAs in a single software. KWHotel will take care of distributing the prices, availabilities and reservations for you.

KWHotel Mobile icon

KWHotel Mobile

Are you constantly on the move and do not want to lose contact with your property? Our mobile application allows you to remotely manage reservations, located in KWHotel.

Camping management

With the Camping module, you can work on a graphical representation of your campsite. This allows to place reservations directly on the image, making it much easier to navigate and manage.


Digital Registration Card (Android, iOS)

Greatly speed up the check-in process and make it much safer for your guest during the pandemic. Available for iOS and Android.

Hotel Clean App

Easily highlight rooms or apartments that need cleaning and manage the communication with your staff through this mobile application.


Parking management

Easily manage the rental of hotel parking spaces. Our system will strictly monitor the availability of seats to avoid overbooking.

KWHotel Menu

KWHotel Menu

A modern solution that allows your guests to quickly and conveniently order meals and hotel amenities using an online ordering system.

Credit card services

With Espago credit card service synchronization, your guests can pay with their credit card, even though you have no payment terminal installed in your property.

Wellness & SPA

Do you offer massages and wellness treatments to your guests? The SPA module is designed to manage your employees and reservations for services they provide.

SMS marketing

Keep your guests up to date by sending them automated text messages thanks to SMSAPI synchronization. Prepare different SMS criteria, adjusting them to a reservation status.

POS system integration

This module offers a direct synchronization with POSbistro POS system. You can handle guests` requests in restaurant and process their payments in KWHotel, during check-out.

Door access control

Do you care about the privacy and security of your guests and have electronic door access control in the property? You can acquire synchronization module and manage your access cards directly in KWHotel!

Support services

Do you need support setting up or working with your KWHotel? You won't be left alone! We offer a range of "on demand" services, related to KWHotel software.

Resources module

Instead of manually assigning reservation to a particular room, indicate only the type (for example double) where it will belong. KWHotel optimizes the placement of your reservations on the schedule.

Hotel check-in kiosk Sezam24

Self-check-in kiosks

Keep your guests safe and automate the check-in process with Sezam24 self-service kiosks and tablets.

Paid consultations

Our specialist will configure any functionality you want, saving your time and making KWHotel perfectly adapted to your facility's requirements.

Long term rental management system

Easily manage long-term apartment rental. Create reservations, set up the deposit and rent values while KWHotel automatically generates to-be-paid invoices based on your criteria.

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