Automated and manual sending of invoices

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KWHotel allows you to send invoices as attachments. Messages can be sent via email (automatically and manually).

Below you will find a description for both possibilities.

This manual includes:

1.How to configure mailbox within KWHotel
2. Automated document sending
3. Manual document sending

1. How to configure mailbox within KWHotel

Step by step instruction on how to configure your mailbox:

Step 1. Go to Tools > Configuration > Email > “Configuration” tab.

Step 2. Select “Send the correspondence from KWHotel email account” option.

Step 3. Insert your mailbox details. If you are uncertain of the correct configuration for your mailbox, please consult a person who set it up in your hotel.

Step 4. Having completed the configuration, click the blue “Test” button. A test message will be dispatched to your email.

2. Automated document sending

In this window you may enable automated document sending (once document is created). This option will work both in a reservation window (the “Issue document” button) and in the Accounting module.

Configuration of each document type is done separately.

Below example covers configuration of a final invoice.

Step 1. Choose “final invoice” from the list.

Step 2. Insert email title.

Step 3. Insert email content.

Step 4. Press the “Save” button to apply changes for this type of fiscal document.

To add configuration for another fiscal document type, select it from the list, defined in step 1.

Once configuration is over, just select these types of documents which you would like to be sent automatically (5).

3. Manual document sending

This tab allows you to configure document sending templates which can then be sent manually upon generating a document.

Step 1. While in the “Manual send document” tab, press the “Add” button.

Step 2. In the “Template name” field insert a template`s name. It will be available to use in a document sending screen.

Step 3. In the “Template title” insert a title of email message that will be sent to a customer when using this template.

Step 4. In the “Sender name” field insert a name of a sender.

Step 5. Choose a document format (FRX, HTML or Contents) and insert necessary modifications.

Below you will find an explanation of each format.

  • .FRX file: format which can be edited in the built-in Fast Report software. A manual on how to edit templates can be found HERE.
  • HTML/XML file: allows to create messages by using a simple HTML editor.
  • Contents: allows to insert a simple message that will be sent to guest.

Step 6. Press the “Save” button to finish configuration.

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