Managing hotel meals

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This manual includes:

1. Location of a meal base
2. Managing canteens
3. Creating additional meals
4. “Synchronization symbol” field
5. Adding meals to an individual reservation
6. Adding meals in a group reservation
7. Meal report   

1.  Location of a meal base

To view a list of meals, proceed to Tools > Configuration > Meals.

The list presents all active meals, used in your property. You may check some basic information here, such as meal name and its` price.

2. Managing canteens

For each meal, a canteen must be assigned. It allows to limit a number of meals that can be served simultaneously in the given canteen. Exceeding the number of meals will cause a message to be displayed.

The default canteen, available since program installation, is the “Lunchroom”. It includes 300 seats.

To modify the above canteen, press the “Manage canteens” button (1). If you want to change a name, you can do this in the “Name” field (2). Now insert the meal limit (3).

3.  Creating additional meals

Step 1. Press the “Add meal type” button.

Step 2. Insert a meal name (i.e. Deluxe Breakfast).
Step 3. Choose the meal availability time. The following options can be chosen:

During check-in – selecting this option will make this meal available only during the first day of reservation.
During check-out – selecting this option will make this meal available only during the final day of reservation.

From – hour, starting from which the meal will be available
To – hour until the meal will be available

Step 4. Insert a meal duration time. Step 5. Insert a meal gross price
Step 6. Select meal`s order on the list. If you leave “0” meals will be sorted by the creation time. Step 7. If this meal should be considered as half-board, select the “Half meal” option.
Step 8. Choose canteen for this meal. If you wish to create an additional canteen, press the “Manage stocks” button. Step 9. Insert tax value that will be assigned to this meal.
Step 10. Save changes. Your meal will be added to the list.

4.  “Synchronization symbol” field

Synchronization symbol is used to automatically assign meals to reservation. A detailed instruction can be found here.

5.  Adding meals to an individual reservation

Meals can be added in a reservation window > “Meals” tab.

On the top there is a summary. It consists of the following elements:

Number of people eating – program takes these values from the “Settlement” tab and it cannot be modified in the “Meals” tab.

Amount total – total amount to be paid for meals. It is calculated based on the meals assigned in a table below.

Below this section there is the “Comments” one – here you may insert additional remarks for your kitchen staff. These remarks will be displayed on the meal report.

The “Meals” tab allows to add meals to reservation. Each meal has a separate column.

The “Meal time” tab allows you to insert time when each meals will be served. By default KWHotel will propose hours set up in the Configuration module.

The “Details” tab includes detailed summary of each meal type.

Meals can be assigned to reservation in two ways:

Option 1: If you want to serve the maximum number of the given meal type, for all possible dates, press the white checkbox located right above the meal name (A).

Option 2: If you want to insert a different number of meals, than maximum, insert values to the table.

Attention! The greyed out field means that meal is not supposed to be served during that time. This is caused by the meals availability configuration, done in Tools > Configuration > Meals. However, you can still insert meals into these fields.

At any time you can change the default meal price to a different one. KWHotel will automatically recalculate the total value.

6.  Adding meals in a group reservation

Individual reservations share the same logic with group reservations, when it comes to adding meals..

7.  Meal report

Function available in the “Meals” module.

This window consists of the following elements:

Meals report for (1) – lets you pick a day you wish to generate a meal report for. If you wish to generate a report for more days, press the checkbox located a row below and select the end date.

Basic information window (1) – includes a meal summary of each type and a time of their provision

Detailed information window (2) – shows all meals in the set time period, divided into rooms. Double clicking each row allows you to open a reservation which includes the given meals.

To print a newly generated report, press the “Print” button (3).

You may also print a short summary of the meals count (4).

Additional options, available in the “Meals” module are as follows:

Show time of meals – displays / hides columns with meal provision hours.

Only show reservations with the “Occupied” status – this option is self-explanatory. Show summary – reveals an additional summary of meal count.

Export to .CSV (for Excel) – allows to export the meal report to .CSV format.

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