Installing KWHotel Free

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1. How to download KWHotel Free?

Download KWHotel Free by clicking the DOWNLOAD button in the email message.

Install KWHotel Free. The installation is very simple as it requires you to continually click “Next” until it’s completed. Don’t forget to read and agree with our license terms!

Steps of installation:

  • Choose language
  • The KWHotel installation wizard is starting. The wizard will guide you through the whole installation process
  • License agreement
  • Choose location – the wizard proposes a default location
  • Choose start menu folder – the wizard proposes a default location
  • Installation completed!

KWHotel Free will now start automatically and ask you to submit your country name and tax configuration.

Attention! 30 days after KWHotel Free was installed you will be asked to register the program. The process is completely free of charge and serves us statistical purposes.

KWHotel Free is the only version we provide free of charge, hence most functions are accessible but in a limited capacity. To learn more about the differences between different versions of KWHotel, check out the webpage linked here. This version cannot connect to any module and can work offline, on only work on one computer. To read more about the different server options click for the blog post here.

The program is not an open source, but you are able to use it for an unlimited amount of time. The only requirement is to register the program after a month for our statistics.

Installation Guide for version 0.46 can be found here.

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