Customer service – how to improve its quality?

17.05.2019 Anna Piątek, KWHotel Customer Advisor
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Customer service – discover 5 WAYS to improve it in your property!

Customer service is a basic element of almost every business. Make sure that employees on the front desk are your etiquette. Provide guests with the highest level of service and this investment will pay back quickly. Below I am presenting a few tips which, when implemented correctly, will bring you better ratings from your guests!

1. The first impression is the most important for customer service

The first contact with your property is established through the front office and this often determines whether the guest chooses your hotel or apartments as an accommodation. Make sure that staff members greet guests in a personalized way and speak to the guests in the most polite manner.

2. Customer service also covers a tourist information

Make certain the front office is always helpful to your guests and offers tourist information. Prepare your team to know the answers to basic questions such as tourist attractions which your place offers, restaurant recommendations, tips about transport in your area, including the rush hours.

3. Always treat potential customers as your guests

Remember that your client always needs to feel like a guest in your property. High quality service through a reliable and professional receptionist is really the best marketing for your facility. A satisfied customer will recommend you to other people or give a positive opinion. Positive feedback from real satisfied customers is the best recommendation for your facility.

4. Communication skills are the key to resolve all issues

Prepare your team to take care of the guest in the fastest and most professional way. The key element is time, regardless of the purpose of travel. No client wants to waste time on formalities. This element was discussed in detail in my previous article.

5. Your staff is the best investment

A well-trained and professional receptionist is an investment to the future of your business. The receptionist’s work requires a knowledge of the services and tourist offer of the place, fluency in foreign languages, good customer service practices and PMS software proficiency. That is why a well-trained and committed employee is worth investing in – it pays off quickly in the form of recommendations from customers. This results in more reservations in the future. Make sure that you have the right and easy to use platform that will help your guest leave feedback about accommodation and that potential customers would easily reach them. You can adjust your website for these purposes or share these opinions on multiple booking portals.

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Now that your front desk members communicate with maximum efficiency and customer service is performed on the highest possible level, it is time for the last step. My final article will focus on automating the work of your front desk. In the end, the time is money!

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