Module of the Month – Digital Registration Card + Online Check in

12.12.2023 Gabriela Koman, KWHotel Customer Sales Advisor
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Dear Hoteliers,

We are pleased to announce that December is the month of special offer for Digital Reistration Card + Online Check in! 👨🏻‍💻

Would you like to automize your hotel operations and reduce the queues at your reception desk?

Digital Registration Card allows you to achieve it effortlessly!

What are you getting with Digital Registration Card?

✔️Greatly speeding up the check-in process in your hotel and making it much safer for your guests.

✔️Reducing queues at the front desk by allowing your guests to check in in as little as 60 seconds. The guest is intuitively guided through the entire process.

✔️ Allowing your front desk staff to focus on more value adding activities.

✔️Automizing the process of obtaining marketing consents which allows you to build relationships with guests even when they leave the facility. This way you increase the chance of re-booking.

How does it work?

When the client approaches the counter, the receptionist opens his reservation in the KWHotel. With one click, the encrypted data is sent to the hotel tablet placed at the reception desk. You can have any number of tablets.

In a dozen seconds, the guest verifies the correctness of their data on the tablet, accepts the hotel regulations (thanks to which you meet the GDPR information obligation), the COVID-19 statement, and marketing consents.

At the end, the customer signs digitally and clicks the check-in confirmation button. The Digital Registration Card immediately sends the updated data to the KWHotel system, and the guest receives the keys to the room.

Maybe you want to go a step further? With Online Check-in you can:

✔️Allow your guest to conveniently check-in and pay for their stay via a web browser, even before they arrive.

✔️Remove stress and discomfort among guests caused by having to go to the reception desk and check in manually.

✔️Switch to a completely maintenance-free profile – the guest can pay for the stay during check-in, and KWHotel will then send him the lock code.

✔️ Significantly speed up guest service at the reception – the most important data will be waiting for you at KWHotel.

✔️Get rid of queues by drastically shortening the guest check-in procedure at the facility.

✔️Automatically send the visitor the lock code when he completes the online check-in and pay for the stay.

And how is it done?

KWHotel automatically sends the guest an e-mail with a link to the check-in. During check-in, the guest verifies his data, accepts the regulations, marks marketing consents, and provides invoice data. He can also make an advance payment or pay for the entire stay in advance. All information immediately goes to the KWHotel program.

If you have locks synchronization, we can immediately send the guest a lock code, fully automating the stay handling process.

Do not hesitate and fill out the form to enjoy 50% discount on the set up fee!*

Would you like more info?

*The promotion is valid until the 30th of December and applies to customers with purchased KWHotel Pro version

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