Difference between Dashboard and Reservation calendar

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Both Calendar and Dashboard are designed mainly for receptionists but each of them takes a different approach in presenting data. Below you will find the short description of both modules.

1. Calendar module

Graphical representation of your reservations. Each booking is presented on the calendar with a coloured status. This allows for an easy verification of your allotment.

To create a reservation, simply select a term on the schedule and double click it or press the “Add reservation” button. For a group reservation, select multiple rooms on the schedule and press the “Add group reservation button”.

Additionally, the Calendar module features a toolbar with a variety of options, such as searching for customers or rooms.

2. Dashboard module

Easily readable list of upcoming arrivals, departures and occupancies. You may configure which data will be included on the list and print it.

Moreover, you may quickly check the availability for the given room type and follow it with a reservation. Just select the term on the calendar and KWHotel will automatically check for vacancies.

The Dashboard module also includes basic statistics, such as total hotel occupancy or daily occupancy.

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