Installing KWHotel Standard

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1. How to download KWHotel Standard?

Download KWHotel Standard by using a link located in the order email.

Install KWHotel Standard. The installation is very simple as it requires you to continually click “Next” until it’s completed. Don’t forget to read and agree with our license terms!

Steps of installation:

  • Choose language
  • The KWHotel installation wizard is starting. The wizard will guide you through the whole installation process
  • License agreement
  • Chose location – the wizard proposes a default location
  • Chose start menu folder – the wizard proposes a default location
  • Installation completed!

KWHotel Standard will now start automatically and ask you to update the database structure. Please click “OK” and wait for the process to finish. You will now be introduced to a welcome screen. Click “Enter license key” button and submit our license key and email. They are located in the same email message as this guide.

Attention! If the online license registration fails, use the “Load license.xml file” option located in the bottom left part of the registration screen. It allows you to load the license file that has been attached to this email message.

Click here to download or print full manual.
Installation Guide to KWHotel Pro 0.46 can be found here.

Please click on the blog post linked here, so you can learn more on the different server options.
Finally to learn more on how to protect your database please take a look at the blog post linked here.

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