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02.09.2019 Szymon Cyrzyk, KWHotel Hospitality Market Researcher
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Expedia connectivity is here – KWHotel software is now among official partners of this globally recognized OTA. Discover the advantages of Expedia portal and find out how to increase the number of reservations in your property.


What is Expedia? 

It is one of the most popular online reservation portals (OTA) in the world. It started from the position of Microsoft’s subsidiary. Currently Expedia allows its clients to browse offers for the following services:

– booking flight tickets,
– reservation of stays in properties around the world,
– booking of cruises,
– car rental,
– renting holiday packages and much more.

Being able to access all of the above services in one place makes Expedia very beneficial for tourists – your potential clients!


The list of brands that are a part of Expedia Group


Reach a greater number of customers with your offer

Over 65 million users monthly view Expedia offers. The portal gives you an opportunity to create an additional sales channel in the North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Direct Expedia connectivity with KWHotel software allows you to automatize connection with over 200 online reservation branded sites, available in 75 countries around the world. The portal provides its services in 35 languages.

Interested in enlisting your property in Expedia? Click here!

Benefit from the Expedia Partner Central support

Expedia Partner Central provides self-service tools and information to help you manage your business, attract travelers and maximize your revenue potential. Thanks to their services you will:

– discover additional sales tools,
– learn about the synchronization potential, thanks to Expedia case studies
– gain better insight into travelling market,
– connect Expedia with events in social media,
– optimize the revenue management, thanks to Rev+ tool

Synchronization with Expedia opens new horizons for you

Synchronization with Expedia opens new horizons for you

Save your time and money

Synchronization with Expedia doesn’t require the purchase of channel manager. Connection is established directly with KWHotel. If you list your offer only in and Expedia, you may save hundreds of euros annualy. Moreover you don’t have to insert reservations manually – KWHotel does it for you.

To further improve your work comfort, synchronization with Expedia automatically updates rates, restrictions and availabilities in the portal. It lets you focus on taking care of your guests and enhancing the quality of their stay. Happy customer is the returning customer!

Want to know more? 

If your property is already listed in Expedia, you are just one step from automating your work – use the button below and request contact from our Customer Support. We will happily answer your questions related to Expedia and benefits it gives you when combined with KWHotel property management software!

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