The center of your hotel operations.

  1. All-in-one property management system for hospitality sector
  2. Use it on a single or multiple workstations
  3. Expand your program only with the features you need
  4. Plan your strategy with detailed reports

Only a few years ago, the popular method of running the accommodation facility was the “pencil and paper” one. Although effective, it requires a huge amount of time to function properly. Not to mention it does not guarantee quick access to currently searched information.

With our property management system, this method becomes a remnant of the past. Your data is stored in one convenient place. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a particular reservation or you want to create an annual report.

KWHotel desktop is designed for Windows operating system. However, we can propose you a way to emulate it on Mac computers.

Easily readable schedule

Our calendar gives you a quick access to your reservations. Color-coded statuses allow to immediately determine the status of a given stay.

Effective reservations management

It takes only 30 seconds to save your booking on a calendar. You can return to it at any time and enter additional information.

Assign goods, meals and services. Send reservation confirmations and issue accounting documents. Our property management system gives you full control over the stays of your guests.

Your Front Desk equipped with meaningful data

Dashboard module was designed to make your Front Desk work with maximum efficiency. Within a single window we have included every piece of data useful for a receptionist, such as list of arrivals, departures, occupancies and no-shows.

Customers management - simple and secure

Property management system stores your customers’ data in one convenient place. Starting from the personal dossier, through the booking history and ending with issued invoices.

Proper room base means faster customer service

The process of creating a room base in KWHotel requires minimum time investment. Proper configuration can significantly improve your service.

Logbook - automatic record of your reservations

Logbook is one of the basic tools in hotelier’s work. With KWHotel, you do not have to complete it yourself – each reservation is recorded automatically.

Flexible accounting documents and reports

Our property management system supports all major accounting documents and payment methods. Documents can be issued in many currencies and with different numbers.

Shape your own pricing policy and upload it online

A well-designed price offer is one of the most important factors in acquiring a client. With KWHotel, you can prepare even the most advanced pricing policy.

Plan your next moves with detailed statistics

Knowing the condition of your business is the key to success. Reports generated in our property management system allow you to precisely indicate points that require attention.

Grant your employees a safe access to data

The security of your data is essential. With the Users module you may assign specific permissions to each employee individually.

Never forget about important events in your hotel

We have developed a reminders module, so that your receptionists will never miss awakening the guest or staff meeting.

Your KWHotel always up to date - for free

Our property management system is being constantly developed since 2009. Functionality updates are available for free.

Focus on what is truly important. Automate the rest.

With KWHotel, you no longer have to spend time preparing reports or sending correspondence to guests. Let the program do it automatically for you.

Enhance your software only with functions you need

The modular construction of KWHotel means that you only buy those functions that will actually benefit your property.

Use a rich knowledge base to take full advantage of KWHotel

Our Team constantly creates new instructions and audiovisual content. Thanks to this, program configuration goes smoothly, and you may focus entirely on your business.

Smooth information flow between Front Desk and hotel restaurant

Serving meals to your guests?  KWHotel will allow you to generate a special report for the restaurant. Your employees will know exactly how many meals to prepare and at what time.

Work offline if your Internet connection is not reliable

KWHotel Standard version can be used offline to prevent you from any unexpected connection losses. Similar approach can be applied to the Pro version – it may be installed on a local server, allowing you to link multiple workstations within a Local Area Network.

All-in-one solution for your facility

KWHotel property management system is all about flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you run a hotel, hostel or rent apartments – our program can be adapted to the requirements of any hospitality branch.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between KWHotel Standard and Pro?

    Both versions contain all features. However, KWHotel Standard can be installed on a single workstation only, whereas the Pro version can be used on multiple workstations at the same time. Additionally the Pro version can be used with additional modules, such as KWHotel Web, KWHotel Booking Engine and KWHotel Web for Apartments.

  • How may I keep my database secure?

    KWHotel Stanadard Users may create database backups and store them on external devices if necessary. Similar method can be applied when using KWHotel Pro on a local database. If KWHotel Pro database is located on an online server, the hosting provider is responsible for creating backup copies.

  • Are there any limitations in regards to the number of users and workstations?

    No, there are no limitations.

  • What operating systems does KWHotel Desktop work with?

    The desktop version of KWHotel works on Windows. To use KWHotel on a mobile device or on another operating system, please refer to the KWHotel Web version.

    If you would like to use KWHotel on Mac, it is possible by using the Parallel Systems software. You may purchase a license for Parallel Systems from our Team – just send us a request to

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