Free hotel operations audit – optimize your expenses during the pandemic

10.05.2021 Mariusz Luzar, KWHotel Team
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Dozens of hotels have already applied for our free hotel operations audit program – see what’s the fuss is about!

The phrase “difficult times” is slowly becoming a cliché in 2021. We hear and see it almost everywhere – on billboards, in commercials, on TV … I think both you and I are well aware of the seriousness of the situation. I know you’re not here to read about the pandemic and the tragic condition of the hospitality industry. Instead, you search for solutions.

Do you run a hotel and constantly worry about the lack of reservations and rapidly decreasing revenue? Do you feel the heavy breath of bankruptcy on your back? If yes, you should definitely read about our “free hotel operations audit” program.

What are the rules of the free hotel operations audit?

It starts with a 45-minute online meeting. During the meeting, we discuss the current condition of your hotel and check what tools you are using to manage your stays and acquire new reservations.

The real magic happens after the meeting. Our specialist analyses the collected data and prepares a special report for you. It contains dozens of suggestions for improving your workflow, reducing hotel operating costs, and obtaining new reservations.

What do you gain from participation?

✔️ During the free hotel operations audit, your hotel marketing activities are analyzed by our expert. Based on the results, we propose how to redirect national tourism to you.

✔️ Your hotel workflow is thoroughly verified. Then we try to optimize it and reduce the number of routine activities.

✔️ You will receive suggestions for reducing hotel expenses, based on our experience in the hotel industry and conversations with excellent managers of renowned hotels.

How can you schedule a free hotel operations audit?

It’s very simple! Click the button below, choose the date you are interested in and see you soon!

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