April Module of the Month – Automated Guest Communication with KWHotel’s SMS API

18.04.2024 Gabriela Koman, Sales Advisor
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Are you looking to revolutionize your guest communication strategies?

This April, we’re excited to announce our Module of the Month campaign, highlighting the immense potential of our SMS API synchronization for automated guest messaging.

Unlocking the Power of SMS API: Why It Matters

50% Off Activation Fee on SMS Marketing – only in April

Embrace the Effectiveness of SMS

To begin with, SMS remains one of the most popular forms of communication. Embrace its power to keep your guests informed and engaged.

Stay Connected with Your Guests

Set up automated text messages in KWHotel in order to ensure your guests never miss an important announcement or offer.

Fast and Effective Communication

Need to reach out to a guest quickly? Unlike emails, SMS boasts an impressive open rate of up to 98%. It ensures your messages are read promptly.

Building Lasting Customer Relationships

Another key point is that you can personalize each message and determine the criteria for sending. So, it enables you to tailor your communication to individual guests and foster lasting relationships.

Customize Your Messages

With our module, you can customize each message using multiple criteria. Being that, your communications are relevant and impactful.

Streamlined Automated Notifications

Whether it’s confirming a payment, sending a gate code, or expressing gratitude for their stay, our automated notification feature ensures quick communication. Without a doubt, it’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Effortless Configuration and Seamless Communication

Duo to our user-friendly SMS message creator, you can configure messages effortlessly. Once set up, KWHotel takes care of the rest, so that the communication with your guests is smooth.

Improve Your Service Standards

Enhance the quality of service provided to your guests. Deliver timely and personalized messages, showing your commitment to their satisfaction and convenience.

Integrating with SMAPI also offers: Free SMS Starter Pack, Dedicated Account Support, Abundant Features (discount codes and more)

Enjoy a 50% discount on the activation fee when you purchase our SMS API module during the three-week Module of the Month campaign. Starting April 18th!

Ready to transform your guest communication strategy? Click the button below and unlock the full potential of KWHotel’s SMS API module.

Stay connected, stay engaged, and stay ahead with KWHotel’s SMS API module. Start your journey towards better guest communication today!

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