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05.01.2024 Gabriela Koman, KWHotel Customer Sales Advisor
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We are pleased to start new year with the new Module of the Month KWParking – a game-changer designed to simplify and optimize your parking operations.

With an exclusive 50% setup fee discount available until the 31st of January, now is the perfect time to dive into the benefits of KWParking system and revolutionize the way you manage parking spaces.

What is KWParking?

Parking module is an easy-to-use system for managing parking spaces in the hotel. Our solution will allow you to group parking spaces (e.g. external and internal parking). Then it will keep track of occupancy, preventing overbooking.

What you should have it?

Easy grouping of spaces ✅ Group parking spaces according to your own criteria. You can easily switch between groups on the schedule and so speed up customer service.

Occupancy control ✅ Each parking group has its own storage. Thanks to the automatic availability check, you don’t have to worry about renting an extra number of places.

Easy-to-read rental chart ✅ The parking space schedule looks similar to the booking schedule, so you can use it quickly and intuitively from the very beginning.

Parking rental for a given reservation ✅ When you activate the parking module, the booking window will be enriched with the Parking tab. This will allow you to instantly assign a parking space to the guest without closing the reservation.

Resource-based reservations ✅ If you don’t want to immediately decide which parking space to allocate to a guest, you can create a resource reservation and make the decision during check-in.

Price management depending on the season ✅ The parking module has a built-in creator of price plans together with the option of setting seasonal prices.

Possibility to issue documents ✅ You can issue a dedicated invoice or receipt for each parking reservation.

Detailed rental reports and statistics ✅ Our solution works with selected service reports present in the KWHotel program. Details are in the dedicated manual.

How it works?

  • Group parking spaces and create price plans for each season.
  • You can rent directly in the booking window.
  • You can also rent places, without a hotel reservation.
  • KWHotel monitors the availability of parking spaces on an ongoing bases.

Do not hesitate and fill out the form to enjoy 50% discount on the set up fee!

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