Frequently asked questions regarding the Expedia synchronization

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Where can I create my Expedia listing?
Just use the following link.


How much does Expedia charge for listing the property on it?
The amount of commission is determined when registering the property on Expedia. The commission value depends on factors such as the property size or its location. The average value is between 15 and 30% of the reservation value.

It is worth mentioning that Expedia charges commission only if guest stays at your property.


How does the portal settle with the property?
Expedia supports two billing models – Hotel Collect and Expedia Collect. You can also choose to simultaneously implement both of them, giving guest a choice when making a reservation.

In case of the Hotel Collect model, the guest makes payment upon arriving in the hotel. After the stay is over, you must settle the commission with Expedia.

The Expedia Collect model allows guests to pay for their stay online when making a reservation. When the stay is over, Expedia transfers the amount due to the indicated account.


How many reservations come from Expedia?
Statistics from the YieldPlanet channel manager indicate that over 14% reservations come from Expedia, in case of hotels. This value may vary depending on the location.


What are the benefits of direct synchronization with KWHotel?
1. Synchronization with Expedia doesn’t require the purchase of channel manager. Connection is established directly with KWHotel. If you list your offer only in and Expedia, you may save hundreds of euros annualy.
2. You no longer have to manually insert Expedia reservations into your KWHotel booking schedule.
3. Synchronization with Expedia automatically updates prices, restrictions and availability on the portal. It allows you to fully focus on serving guests and improving the quality of their stay.
4. You save money on advertising – listing property on Expedia serves as another place where your offer is visible.

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