How can I keep my program secure?

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1) Keep your information up to date

KWHotel Support team sends all newsletters, reminders Invoices to the contact email provided during the order process. The email can be changed at a later date and should be, if the contact person no longer works for the hotel.

To check your current contact information open the license file with Internet Explorer. The file is sent in an email with the Final license.

2) Protecting your database

Since KWHotel Standard and KWHotel Pro with a local database store information on one of your computers, it is recommended to transfer copies of your database to an external devices. Taking such preventative measures, will insure you do not lose your information.

With KWHotel Pro and an online server your information are protected even if the computer crashes.

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3) Limiting access to your program

Limit access and track actions taken in the program by adding user accounts. Each user may have a individually set levels of access to KWHotel.

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