Configuring GDPR settings

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This manual includes:

1. How to configure the GDPR related settings in KWHotel?
2. When does KWHotel delete the customer data automatically?

GDPR regulations introduce the right to be forgotten, allowing the personal data`s owner to demand their deletion from database. KWHotel lets you permanently delete data, provided they are not necessary for the Data Administrator. This means that data will be erased as long as it does not interfere with other applicable laws (i.e. Accounting Act).

The desktop versions of KWHotel (0.46.152 and 0.47.98) have received new functionality of deleting personal data from database. Having configured new options, you may permanently and irreversibly delete selected personal data.

The Safety Policy of your company should define the time period during which the personal data is processed (in accordance to art. 13, par. 2). KWHotel allows you to delete data automatically – in a specific way and time.

1. How to configure the GDPR related settings in KWHotel?

In order to configure your automated deletion settings, proceed to Tools –> GDPR Settings.

Attention! The below settings should be consistent with your Safety Policy.

This window allows you to define how will a customer`s name and surname be anonymized.

There are 3 possible ways:

  • you may leave name and surname intact, by using the “Leave intact” Example: Adam Steve Smith.
  • you may leave a part of data, by using the “Change the last part to initial” Example: Adam S.
  • you may minimize the amount of data, by pressing the “Leave only initials” Example: A.S.

When using the option of automated personal data deletion, by default KWHotel deletes all address data of a customer. However, you may leave (i.e. for statistical purposes) a city name of your customer – just select the “Do not remove client`s city from address” option.

The remaining personal data (Social security, ID / Passport, Phone, Email), with automated personal data deletion enabled, are permanently deleted from the database.

There are 2 situations when data can be deleted automatically:

  • When the time specified in the box below has passed since the Customer’s last booking


  • When the reservation of the Customer, who requested the deletion of data before the time specified above, end.

Configuration inserted in the Tools –> GDPR Settings should be consistent with the Safety Policy of your company.

In case your customer demands deleting data earlier – such option is available in the customer screen –> “GDPR” tab –> Permanently delete customer data once his reservation is finished.

2. When does KWHotel delete the customer data automatically?

Permanent and irreversible deletion of personal data, which should be deleted according to your configuration, can be performed in two cases:

  • by closing KWHotel software


  • by forcing deletion, using the “Delete data instantly” button, located in Tools –> GDPR Settings.

Attention!  The “Delete data instantly” button will delete only those customers, who have met the above criteria.

You may also delay the time of permanent data deletion by KWHotel. To do so, please insert the number of days in the “Keep customer data for X days before deleting permanently” option.

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To read more on GDPR regulations you may visit the European Unions official website on the subject here.

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