Adding logo to hotel documents

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1. How to add the hotels logo to the document?

First of all, create an image with your hotel logo and name it “logo”. The file must be in a .jpg format with the image optimally sized  200 by 200 pixels. Next place a copy of the file to the main KWHotel folder –> Doc –> En. (Default location: c:\Kajware\KWHotel\Doc\En) The image should appear on all documents containing the parameter.

If it does not appear after completing all previous steps, it may be due to the necessary parameter not being present in the template. Instructions on how to add this or another parameters to your templates may be found in instruction manual linked here.

If you would rather obtain a ready template, it is possible to purchase such a service by contacting KWHotel Support. The prices may be obtained by writing to

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