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Disclaimer: This manual does NOT describe all functions available in the program Fast Report. It is intended as a basic guide for clients with no previous experience with Fast Report to be able to manage small edits to their own templates. For a full description and instructions please look for the instructions on the Internet. They are available in a variety of languages in written and video form.

This manual includes:

1.What types of documents can be edited in Fast-Report?
2.Where do you edit templates?
3. How to make adjustments in Fast-Report?
4. How to replace templates?

1. What types of documents can be edited in Fast-Report?

Fast Report is a report generator and report viewing tool in its own right and may be purchased independently. In KWHotel it is used to edit existing templates, though not all documents may be edited. From the two different templates which are available: RDLC and FRX, only the latter may be edited by Fast Report.

Documents with an .FRX template:

  • Invoice
  • “To be paid” Invoice
  • Advance Invoice
  • Corrective Invoice
  • Booking ConfirmationRegistration / ID Card (1&2)
  • Shift report

Attention! Reports can also be edited but it requires installing a standalone Fast Report version, available in the Internet. Please note that significantly higher IT expertise is required to modify a report by a larger scale than only layout.

2.Where do you edit templates?

There are 2 ways to access Fast Report in KWHotel. Depending on the location it is recommended to edit different documents. Based on the access point the two location may be divided as Fast Report for financial documents and Fast Report for information documents.

  • Accounting documents

This location is intended to use for invoices, “To be paid” invoices, advance invoices and corrective invoices. These templates, once made, will need to be saved and entered into the program as the default template. (Instructions in point 3)

To access:

  1. Go to the “Accounting” tab
  2. Enter into the document type -> document you wish to edit. (ONLY THE DOCUMENTS WITH AN .FRX EXTENSION)
  3. Save document
  4. Right – click on the preview window

  • Information documents

Remaining documents, not available in the Accounting tab are: Booking Confirmation, Registration / ID card (1&2) and Shift report should be edited in the main Fast Report. Editing and saving documents in this location will allow them to appear directly in the reservation window –> Issue documents –> at the bottom of the list (please look at the picture below).

Attention! DO NOT enter accounting templates in this location as they require different parameters not available

To access: Go to Tools–>Configuration–>Emails–>Document templates

No templates are available in this location from the start. It is required to add a new template to open Fast Report. All templates are located by default in Drive C: –>Kajware–>KWHotel–>Pro/Standard–>Doc–>Folder corresponding to the language of the program e.g. English – en. (If you cannot locate the file in this location please right-click on the KWHotel desktop icon–>Find file location–>Doc–>File corresponding to the language of the program e.g. English – en).

Attention! There are no blank templates available, but it is possible to delete all entries in an existing template to use as a basis of a new document.

3. How to make adjustments in Fast-Report?

Fast Report possesses a broad range of functions and to use all of them some beforehand knowledge is required, but for an average computer user many of the basic functions are enough to create a functional template.

Attention! Before opening Fast Report it is safer to make a copy of the template which will be edited. If a problem occurred during the editing process (e.g. wrongly setting a parameter) replacing the faulty template with the copy will prevent errors from appearing in the program.

  1. How to add text
    Adding text should be used for information that does not vary e.g. Hotel information, additional information etc.
    2. How to add parameters

Parameters serve as a way to enter relevant information from the program into the document e.g. Client name, prices. They may be used along with the text from the previous point e.g. Check-in date: [Date from]

Attention! When adding text or parameters it is important to consider how much space will be required and if the information in the text box will be fully shown. It is recommended to set the option “Can grow” and “Can shrink” to prevent the text being cut off. (Located to the bottom left of the window)

The complete list of usable parameters can be found here.

  1. How to add pictures

The most common picture on a template is the logo of the hotel. There are different ways to add a picture e.g. load it directly into the file, select a logo kept in a file/online etc.

  1. Add tables

While adding a table is quite straightforward editing the number of columns and rows is done with the help of the “Report Tree”.

  1. Moving the border

Each template is divided into sections. It is important to take them into consideration when editing in Fast report as some parameters will not be available in all sections. This is especially true with financial documents. It is possible to expand upon sections, if more room is needed.

Attention! To see how your template will look in a PDF form go to File–>Preview.

4. How to replace templates?

  • Accounting documents

Once a document has been made it will need to be placed into KWHotel’s files, for the program to be able to access it. The default location to place the templates is in Drive C:–>Kajware–>KWHotel Pro/Standard–>Doc–>File corresponding to the language of the program e.g. English – en. (If you cannot locate the file in this location please right-click on the KWHotel desktop icon–>Find file location–>Doc–>File corresponding to the language of the program e.g. English – en).

After that in Tools–>Configuration–>Layout select the template in the field next to the document the template was made for.

Attention! It is possible to place the template into the correct file during the selection process in the Layout tab, as clicking on the folder icon next will open the location of all documents. (… Doc–>File corresponding to the language of the program e.g. English – en)

  • Information document

Saving a template is done automatically during the same process of entering the template mentioned in point 3. This process will take place through the Setting Wizard.

In contrast to the financial documents which will work the same way as before the template changed, information documents will not replace the existing documents. All new documents will be separately stored in the reservation window –> Issue documents –> at the bottom of the list (look to the picture below).

Attention! In a situation where a singular document requires a modification it is possible to print a document with edits made in Fast report without saving the changes into the template.

To do so, enter into Fast Report with either method from point 3 of this manual. Edit template and save the document.

Print the document or save it as PDF file as normal.

The instruction manual on using FastReport may be found here, likewise, all available parameters in FastReport have been described in the manual linked here. Finally, if you would rather obtain a ready template, it is possible to purchase such a service by contacting KWHotel Support. Please write to to obtain more information.

Detailed videos and manuals on FastReport on the internet. They should be available in a number of different languages and will provide descriptions on how to use other more advanced functions of the editing program.

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