Establishing a customer relationship that pays off

21.05.2019 Anna Piątek, KWHotel Customer Advisor
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These 4 tips will help you establish a successful customer relationship!

Building a customer relationship is a long-term process that requires conscious effort. To surround yourself with loyal clients, you must provide them with individual and targeted customer care. Read the article to find out how to build a relationship with the client and what to keep in mind.

1. Get to know your Customer to provide a targeted and individual approach

The key element in building a long-lasting and profitable customer relationship is offering high quality services from the very beginning. Well made first impression makes your client feel more comfortable. Before you welcome your guest face to face, familiarize yourself with all available information and your guest’s reservation history – referring to his previous stays may break the first ice.

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2. Clear guidance and supportive communication across all channels

Make sure that each communication channel is handled duly. Your client must not feel lost in the whole process or left alone with his question or issue. Quick response to questions or requests before and during the stay or quick compensation of unpleasant experiences increases your client’s trust. Regardless of whether it is a telephone, email or any other channel, it is important to have a clear flow of information. Make sure that a large number of channels does not complicate communication, but speeds up the reaction time instead.

3. Two ways communication is important – ask the customer for feedback

Make sure every guest feels appreciated. Do not be afraid to ask your customer for feedback and respond to any criticism. It is not necessary to wait for client’s opinion until he checks-out. Take care to listen to guest opinions during accommodation. If customer is satisfied with your services, make sure he shares this positive opinion with others.

However, when client is not satisfied with the stay, try to compensate for unpleasant experiences.

4. Offer your clients additional services

Encourage customers to take advantage of the additional services you provide during their stay or for future reservations. Try to individually tailor the offer to customer’s needs. In case of a business trip, you may offer additional transport to a meeting. For casual stays, you may share interesting tourist attractions. Guests with children? Consider organizing a special kids-friendly section in your hotel.

Your relationship has only started!

It is just the first article in the series about customer loyalty. In the following articles we will explain how to maintain customer loyalty and how to reward it.

Anna Piątek

KWHotel Customer Advisor

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