Loyalty – how to reward it with your guests?

24.06.2019 Anna Piątek, KWHotel Customer Advisor
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Discover 4 ideas to reward the loyalty of your customers!

Rewarding trust is a very important element of relationships with your customers. Do not forget that your loyal customers must feel appreciated by you. In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to reward the loyalty of your guest.

1. How to reward in loyalty programs?

Let’s start with a very simple and often used way to reward your guests using loyalty programs which we briefly discussed in the previous article. Before you decide on a specific form of rewarding in your business, it is worth paying attention to the statistics.

According to Merkle HelloWorld 75% of customer would like to be rewarded beyond purchases for being a good customer. Therefore, remember that it is worth to give guests additional gifts in your loyalty programs. For example for those who are the most active on your social media or share positive opinions with other potential clients. Additionally, it is a good idea to engage customers who are members of loyalty programs in prize competitions.

Personalized loyalty programs make your customers feel appreciated!

Personalized loyalty programs make your customers feel appreciated!

2. Team up with associated business

The next step to create a more personalized and richer loyalty guest rewards is to team up with other business. The hotel industry has many opportunities to cooperate with other local businesses.  You can try to establish cooperation in your area with transport companies, local guides, restaurants, and bars. Owing to this fact you can offer a discount also for services of your partners and create more personalized offers for your customers by accumulating several promotions.

3. Reward loyalty by celebrating your guest important holidays

A good way to reward your loyal guests is to give them gifts on the occasion of important moments in their lives such as birthdays or anniversaries. This may be a voucher to use in the facility or any discount for additional services. Make sure that these types of messages are as much personalized as possible. For example, you can send a handwritten postcard from owners prepared especially for your customer.

Reward the loyalty of your guests!

Reward the loyalty of your guests!

4. Reward feedback from loyal customers

The last tip and the most crucial one is to listen to your customer’s feedback and reward it. According to the HubSpot research  81% of customers trust the advice of friends and families the most. On the other hand, more than half of customers don’t trust advertisements. The best promotion for your facility is obtaining a positive opinion in visible places and this is possible only due to your loyal guests. However, don’t forget to reward guests who share positive opinions and give them a gift from your company as a gesture of gratitude.

This is only the beginning of long-lasting trustful relationships!

Summarizing briefly, we discussed how to reward the trust of a loyal customer. If you would like to know more details, follow us on a regular basis because soon there will be another article from this series in which we will discuss Google reviews.

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