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01.12.2020 Mariusz Luzar, KWHotel Team
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Welcome to another part of the “Your questions, our answers” series! This time we received much fewer enquiries, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing to write about. Especially if you consider that I invited Kajetan Woyciechowski – the creator of KWHotel – to prepare replies for you!

1. In the mobile app I miss the options of setting rooms as “Out of order” and booking stays for regular guests – are you planning to add such functions?

Kajetan Woyciechowski: As for the current mobile app, we’re not planning to improve or expand its functionality anymore.

However, we’re working on the “KWHotel Cloud” project, which involves rewriting the entire KWHotel program as a web application (and much more!).

In the first release, we focus on bringing the most refined channel manager functionality possible. The next steps assume creating a new version of KWHotel Booking Engine and also online check-in. Only then will we start rewriting the basic booking features. This is when we can start thinking about adding this type of functionality at the earliest.

Author’s note: I’ll share with you details such as the release date or price as soon as possible 🙂

2. When making a reservation via, the returning guest is always introduced to KWHotel as a new one – can your program recognize such situations and assign it to an already existing guest?

Kajetan Woyciechowski: Unfortunately, it is more complicated than it might seem.

First of all, the client may have different data entered in KWHotel and different in (even if he uses the same email). In such case, if KWHotel replaces the customer’s data, it would apply to all past reservations, causing discrepancies in the accounting.

Nevertheless, if our Users will be interested in such an option, we can prepare it.

We’re also working on a solution for hoteliers listing their offer on It is designed to persuade returning customers not to make another reservation on, but directly on the hotel website. This way, our Users will be able to save on commission.

However, there is much more to it. We’ll use artificial intelligence to send accommodation offers to your customers exactly when they are most likely to make a purchase. I can’t reveal any details yet but it’s really exciting 🙂

3. When will KWHotel Booking Engine be more adjusted to renting beds in hostels?

Kajetan Woyciechowski: We have no plans to change it at the moment. The new version of KWHotel Booking Engine that I mentioned earlier will initially have the same functions as the current one. Huge changes will take place “under the hood”, where we want to make our engine easy to develop further.

The current hostel look is based on If any of our Users has ideas for additional improvements, we’ll happily take a look at them 🙂

Author’s note: If you’re interested, please send your ideas and projects to!

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