Brand is the key to success – designing the perfect logo and name

24.09.2019 Szymon Cyrzyk, KWHotel Hospitality Market Researcher
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Logo and name are the foundations for creating a strong brand. Find out how to achieve that!

The amount of modern marketing tools in the HoReCa sector is growing rapidly. Each of them offers you an opportunity to attract new guests to your property. To be effective in such actions, however, much of the attention must be devoted to the following questions: to whom and how do you market your content?

Our latests series of articles is designed to provide you with the real-life examples and tools that will boost the esteem of your accommodation facility and give it a unique feel. All of that brought to you in a short and concise form. The today’s adventure shall begin with the very basics. We will focus on preparing the hotel name and logo that will reflect the soul of your property. We wish you a pleasant read!

Logo and hotel name should evoke pleasant feelings.

Logo and hotel name should evoke pleasant feelings.

Create a consistent brand image

For your guests, accomodation is not just a product that can be purchased, tossed into cupboard and forgotten forever. Customers will spend their time with you, growing a much more personal relation with your brand.

Has your attitude adjusted by now? Perfect! When developing a leading theme, the property location and local cultural conditions should be taken into account first. It is also worth considering:

– the local competition,
– customer expectations regarding the local area,
– value and originality of your offer.

Starting from the basics – a good name and logo should contain a combination of the above elements. Below you will find inspirational examples of properties that did it the right way.

Example I – Down the chimney and straight to the cave

Our first example covers the breath-taking Fairy Chimney Inn, located in the heart of Cappadocia. The majority of its rooms are actually situated inside the tufa rock cones known locally as… fairy chimneys!

The property name is directly connected with its most famous attraction. Therefore, if you visit the Fairy Chimney Inn’s website, you will immediately notice that property surroundings are also the main focus here. It gives us an important lesson – understanding your strongest feat is crucial.

Here are several comments from Trip Advisor that prove the point!

Such positive reviews are a sign your brand was designed well


Example II – Highlandish origins of the white sheep

We understand that not all of you may happen to own a property carved into natural environment. The second example focuses on taking a regular hotel and blessing it with a unique style. Please meet the White Sheep Villa (Zakopane, Poland) which is famous for its great prices and outstanding atmosphere.

Meet the white sheep!

Logo conveys the mountaineous location of the property. It’s adequate to the style applied across the whole building. The white sheep (“biała owca” in Polish) can be spotted not only in the advertisments but also in the walls and decorations.

The White Sheep Villa’s guests have noticed the interesting room design, related to name and logo. Below you will find several comments posted in the Trip Advisor.

Positive reviews are crucial for your brand to succeed in the hospitality industry

Example III – Crossing the history

An interesting case of the hotel that based its marketing on… history, is the Crossroads Hotel in Kansas. You can read about the name origins in detail here. Hotel website greets you with the slogan “Where Kansas City comes together”.

The historical aspects of the property are used to the maximum here. Perhaps your property may not be as historically renowned as the Kansas’ premises. But it is still worth considering – perhaps
the effort put in verifying the history of the building and its surroundings will yield you benefits in the form of beautiful memories of your future guests?

Here are several opinions on the Crossroads Hotel, found in the Trip Advisor.

Pay attention to your online reviews - it'`s a great source of knowledge!

Logo should affect the customer in every situation

Universal and easy to remember – this is the simplest way to describe the perfect logo. It should match your business cards, vouchers, brochures and company documents. A good logo is one that looks great in a variety of colors (black / white / inverted colors).

An interesting name and logo implementation that fits the property style? Here you are!

The Hotel Emperador logo

Creating the perfect brand takes much time. Think about items your guest has contact with. Perhaps you could stylize them with your theme?. The best approach here would be to keep your theme in the background. Make it blend in the decor of individual rooms.

Below we have listed a few possible places where you can put the logo:
– badges on the costumes of property staff,
– banners informing about sponsoring local enterprises,
– towels for guests,
– key cards, pens, door tags,
– welcome screen on TV
– in the guest room,
– elegant calendars and notepads,
booking engine on the website,
– company documents.

Show must go on!

I hope our article will help build more brand awareness among your guests. The logo and naming of the property is just the beginning. In the next article you will learn how hotel accessories can improve your brand awaraness even more. See you in a week!

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