1. Deploy a modern booking engine on your hotel’s website
  2. Save money – we don’t charge commision from bookings
  3. Increase amount of direct reservations and their average value
  4. Reach more clients, through Google Free Booking Links
  5. Gain more time – reservations reach KWHotel Pro automatically
  6. Install booking system in a way, which is convenient for you

KWHotel Booking Engine allows visitors to easily get acquainted with your offer 24 hours a day. The guest can make a reservation both on the computer and on the phone.

The booking engine shows rooms of your choice (including their inventory) and rate plans. Client can book one or more rooms at once.

After that, client enters his details and gets accustomed with your hotel regulations and GDPR policy. Finally, he chooses form of payment and finalises the reservation. The system puts it automatically on KWHotel Pro calendar. It will also send email confirmation to the guest.

▶▶▶ Read more about synchronization with Google Free Booking Links

Discover more benefits of KWHotel Booking Engine

More direct bookings

Allow your guests to make bookings directly through your website. Because of that, client does not have to fill in contact forms or call reception, which oftenly ends with resignation from stay.

Save money - we don’t charge commision

We don’t charge commission for bookings made in KWHotel Booking Engine. More money stays in your pocket.

Work and communication automation

Reservation will go to KWHotel Pro program automatically, saving your time. Additionally, we will send your guest a fully customizable message.

Higher average booking value

Offer your guest additional services during his booking process. Describe every service thoroughly, add attractive pictures and increase your profits.

Better hotel visibility in Google

Connect KWHotel Booking Engine with Google Free Booking Links and present your guests link to your booking system directly in Google services (e.g. maps, browser)

Fast and convenient reservations for guests

Allow your guest to quickly choose his date of stay. He can pay using popular payment gates (he can also pay on the spot).

Rich customization of the booking engine's design

Match booking engine’s design to your website’s graphic design, using convenient editor or CSS styles.

Plenty of configuration options

Create discount codes for guests, personalize automatic messages, configure filtres, descriptions, pictures and much more. 

Easy booking on any device

Our booking engine can be easily used on computers, phones and tablets.

See possible implementation options

Booking button

We will put your booking engine in the preferred location on your website, in a form of a button (e.g. “Book Now”). Clicking the button will redirect the client to the booking engine. 

Form embedded on a website

In this case we will embed booking engine in the location of your choice. Booking engine will become the natural part of the website.


You can also install the HTML code on your own. You will receive a proper manual.

Advanced implementation via API

If you care about even greater integration of the booking engine with your website, you can use API. Contact us on support@kwhotel.com to receive more information. 

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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