Convert your website's visitors into clients!

  1. Receive reservations directly from your website
  2. No commissions for bookings
  3. Customize email notifications for hotel and guests
  4. Adjust engine`s appearance to match your website style

With KWHotel Booking Engine, you transform your website into a unique reservation channel. It requires little time and effort to make a reservation.

Having journeyed through the vivid descriptions and memorable images of your hotel, the visitor definitely feels the desire to stay at your place. KWHotel Booking Engine is the gateway to make that wish come alive.


Direct booking opportunity for your guests

KWHotel Booking Engine can be deployed on your website, increasing the chances of receiving a reservation from the visitor.

100% of the reservation value belongs to you

No commissions are charged for reservations done by KWHotel Booking Engine.

Remain in constant touch with your guests

Email notifications are used to inform both client and your staff about a reservation status.

Instant payment possibility

Your guests can make payments using PayPal,, credit card or bank transfer.

Create a booking channel that is open 24 hours

Reduce the workload of your receptionists by opening a constantly available reservation channel. Bookings are handled automatically, requiring no human resources during the process.

Look & feel adjusted to your website

Use CSS styles to give your Booking Engine a unique appearance, attracting more guests as a result. Implemention can be done on several levels, depending on your choice.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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