Is there any difference between the hotel and hostel version of KWHotel?

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When ordering KWHotel one of the fields to select during the first step (1. ORDER DETAILS) is Facility type. The two options provided are Hotel and Hostel.

This options will provide the same program in regards to the functionality. The only difference comes from setup on the reservation calendar.

1. Hotel setup

In a Hotel setup the calendar displays a list of rooms, optionally divided into room groups based on the type of room (e.g. double room, single room etc.) or the property (e.g. Apartment 1, apartment 2 etc). When rooms are added to the calendar the number of people who can stay in a room is indicated by the number of beds in the room.

Instruction manual for the HOTEL setup.

2. Hostel setup

In a Hostel setup the calendar displays a list of beds divided into groups, which represent the room. Each room should have only one bed set.

Instruction manual for the HOSTEL set up.

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