Automated sending of booking confirmations, SMS messages and other documents – explaining the logic

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This manual includes:

2.What messages can be sent?
3. Recommended steps:
4. Additional functions
5. Where can I check emails and messages sent from KWHotel?



In order to send messages from KWHotel “message templates” must be created first.

For each message template you may adjust the following data:

– basic information related to the given document (message name, message subject, sender, etc.),
– email addreses a message will be sent to (customer, room owner, other addresses),
– availability of the given message template (i.e. after a reservation is made, before reservation finishes, at any moment, etc.)
– manual or automatic sending of the given message,
– message language,
– reservation status which will trigger message sending (any, no payment, advance payment, full payment),
– room or room type where the message will be sent to,
– which message format will be used in the given template (i.e. HTML or SMS) and will it include attachment.


2.What messages can be sent?

It all depends on how would you like to communicate with your customer – it may be booking confirmation, SMS with discount code, letter of thanks or other types of messages.

Exemplary ideas can be found below:

Emails: click here
SMS: click here

Attention! To send SMS messages, a module named “Integration with SMSapi” is required.


3. Recommended steps:

Step 1: Configuring email client in KWHotel – click here
Step 2: Getting to know the module responsible for messages management – click here
Step 3: Adjusting criteria for message sending – click here
Step 4. Modifying the message content and attachment – click here

Location of the created templates – click here


4. Additional features

Automated report sending: click here
Automated SMS sending: click here


5. Where can I check emails and messages sent from KWHotel?

The bottom toolbar of KWHotel includes an option called “Confirmation log”.

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