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17.05.2019 Anna Piątek, Product Specialist
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Hotel automation is here – our final article in the series covers 4 tips on how to automate the work of your reception desk.

Would you like to gain more time and speed up your work? Below you can find some useful tips for KWHotel software users as well as for users of other PMS systems or those who are just planning to purchase the first hotel management software.

1. Hotel automation starts with booking portals

Do not let your team waste time manually entering reservations into the program or running paper reservation systems. Use software to control your reservations and automate this by using synchronization with the channel manager. You can read more about what a channel manager is here. With this solution enabled, it will be easier to prevent overbookings, allowing your team to focus on other tasks.

2. Create templates of all documents for guests for even better hotel automation

Prepare all necessary documents for your guests such as booking confirmations, registration cards or letters of thanks. Do not let your team spend time creating these documents manually. In KWHotel there is an option for customizing various types of documents that will be available to send to your guests or they will be ready to print.

3. Configuration of automatic mailing

A considerable saving of time is the ability to set up automatic mailing with the guest such as booking confirmations, instructions of check-in or letter of thanks after stay. In addition, a convenient option to have continuous control over your facility is the ability to automatically send all necessary reports and financial documents via email from the software. It will save a lot of time and help prevent bad communication with the guest.

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4. Booking directly from your website

A reservation system on the website, paired with an online availability calendar,  will allow you to gain a lot more time for other reception desk tasks. In this way, you may avoid an increased number of phones with requests for availability. The customer will be able to check vacancies or make a reservation himself and, in case of KWHotel Booking Engine, you won’t pay commissions fees.

Bonus tip how to make your work easier!

Nowadays mobile devices became a crucial element of most of the businesses. Armed with a mobile device you may access the data of your hotel remotely. This is the best way to manage hotel facilities and control the progress of the front office`s work.

How about seeing it for yourself?

If you are just starting a new business and need technical support and new PMS software, you may request a free KWHotel presentation online meeting! We will help you choose the right package for your needs and answer all your questions.

Anna Piątek

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