Camping with technological spirit – case study of Waves Campground

18.09.2019 Anna Piątek, KWHotel Customer Advisor
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Adventure at the Australian camping

Waves Campground is located in Australia. They provide a comfortable, friendly and affordable camping with professional and high standard service. The owner – Richard, took over 22 acres, 664 person capacity campground in 2015. He changed this place into an incredible destination with warm, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, for the ultimate  holiday experience.

The camping of Waves Campground has utilised the full potential of KWHotel Pro software.


Technological needs

After the takeover, the new owner wished to introduce some technology to the business. The main challenge during the process of choosing the right solution was the very diverse type of reservations in the campground. For example, they offer powered and unpowered campsites of different sized „beds”. They seeked for solution which can be affordable and has functionalities that allow managing campground easily.

The second important issue was finding a solution which can adjust to the expanding business and has a possibility to manage campsite from different workstations.

We’ve decided to ask Richard what were the requirements for the right software and why has he chosen cooperation with us?

„We wanted a solution capable of handling up to 664 paying guests across different types of rooms with an affordable price. Flexibility and ease of reprogramming rooms was great for our evolving business”


We’ve implemented KWHotel Pro to allow using software on multiple computers. It gives flexibility and ability to network more workstations as the business is growing. Advanced functionality of KWHotel Pro such as accounting, rooms and rate plans allows staff to manage campground with different rental options – from solo travellers to weddings for 200 people.

We asked Richard which functions of KWHotel does he value the most?

„Calendar to manage reservations with simple room filtering is very useful. The comments box within single and group reservations and statistics with .csv download are also important for us. Most of all – excellent support across time zones, in a different language, with our unique location”



Waves Campground started cooperation with us in 2016. We wanted to provide a solution which will meet all the expectations and provide support for a distant continent. We are glad to see how the business is growing and we appreciate valuable suggestions regarding the development of KWHotel. It is wonderful to contribute to improving the service of the place which is a holiday destination for people across the entire world.


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