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Ask me if I want to create database backup before closing the program (1) – when enabled,you will be asked about creating a database backup each time you close KWHotel.

Automatically create database backup before closing the application (2) – when enabled, a database backup will be created automatically when closing KWHotel.
Selecting this option will also allow you to select a location where database backup will be stored.

Automatically create backup every 30 minutes and save copy in the default location (3) -when enabled, KWHotel will automatically create database backup every 30 minutes, as separate files.

Create each backup as a separate file (4) – enabling this option will cause KWHotel to create database backups in separate files.

Database online backup (5) – enabling this option will cause KWHotel to automatically create a database backup and store it on our servers.
Database copy is created on a daily basis.

Automatic window refresh (backups, reminders, online bookings) (6) – frequency of refreshing data in the program. The recommended value is 60. We do not recommend modifying this parameter without justified necessity. Setting this value too low may cause drastic performance issues.

Credit card number encryption (7)

Attention! Storing credit card data in KWHotel is not recommended by our company. The program is not adjusted to store such information.
Such data should be stored in a safe, isolated location. This function allows to insert credit card data (except for CVV code) in a reservation window (“Credit card” tab).

To activate the option, two keys must be set up – the primary and secondary one. The primary is stored directly in the database. The secondary is stored on the computer.
This ensures that credit card data cannot be viewed on another workstation, than was used to encrypt it.

Keys can only be inserted when KWHotel has been started as an Administrator (right click on the desktop icon > Run as Administrator).
When keys are created, please accept the regulations and save changes.

The credit card tab will appear in a reservation screen after you restart the program. Keys can be deleted by pressing the “Delete keys” button.

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