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1.  Calendar

Restore defaults (1) – restores the default settings of the reservation Calendar.
Reservation colour codes (2) – here you may modify the color of each reservation status. Just click it and select another color.
Shaded reservations (3) – makes reservation strips more dimmed
Sharp edges (4) – changes the reservation strips from rectangular to haxagonal
Calendar gridl ines colour (5) – colors the calendar grid lines
Font color in the room list (6) – colors the fonts of room symbols presented on the calendar
Number of people (7) – displays the number of people on every reservation`s strip
Address (8) – displays the main guest`s address on every reservation`s strip
Comments (9)– displays comments from reservation on every reservation`s strip

Reservation strip frame thickness (10) – allows to determine the strip thickness of package-based and online reservations. Accepts values from 1 to 20.

Default room deposit (11) – allows to set a default room deposit. This option is only applied to reservations done via KWHotel Booking Engine.
How does room deposit work in KWHotel? If any deposit is inserted in a reservation window > “Other” tab > “Deposit” field, KWHotel will remind you about it when you try to check-out your guest. This ensures you return him the deposit.

Display rooms from all hotels in one calendar (12) – connects all properties on a single calendar. Rooms from each property are shown one by one.
Please note that each property is still treated as a separate entity in the program.

Set reservation status to occupied day after it stars (13) – automatically changes a reservation status from “Reservation scheduled” to “Occupied (…)” a day after it begins.

Show restrictions (14) – displays restrictions on the reservation Calendar.

Always create new reservation using resources (15) – selecting this option will cause every newly created reservation to be a resource-based one. It will happen even in case you have selected a room when creating a reservation.
To switch reservation from resource-based to a regular one, open it once again, select room and save changes.

Display number of clean beds (16) – shows the number of clean beds. The number is displayed right above the room housekeeping status. Double-clicking the housekeeping status allows to select the number of beds prepared. Having enabled this option, please restart the program.

Show prices in decimal format (17) – displays prices on calendar in a decimal format.

Show reservation source on the calendar (18) – displays reservation source on a reservations trip.

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