Attaching hotel receipts to invoices

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This manual includes:

1. How to assign receipts to Invoices
2. Why is it important?

1. How to assign receipts to Invoices

Step by step configuration:
1. Open an invoice that you want to issue a receipt for
2. Click “Save”

3.Mark “Issue a new receipt” option and make sure that “Print original” and “Print copy” options are not selected
4. Click Print
5. A new window will open. Click “Save”
6. Receipt has now been issued successfully. You can print it, save as .PDF, print on a fiscal printer or send email to the custome

2. Why is it important?

If receipt and invoice are issued for the same reservation, you need to make sure that one document is assigned to another.
Why? Because otherwise the amount presented in reports will be doubled.
In case you assign a receipt to an invoice, the amount on the receipt will be prioritized in the reports. Moreover, amount will not be doubled, making your reports and statistics accurate.

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