Enabling shift reports

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Deploying shift reports in KWHotel allows you to monitor the work of your staff. This includes:

  • Controlling the cash flow during each shift
  • Verifying the work time of each receptionist
  • Finding cash discrepancies that require manager`s investigation

This manual includes:

1.How to activate shift reports
2. How do shift reports work?
3. How to access previous shift reports?

1. How to activate shift reports

Step by step instruction on how to enable shift reports in KWHotel.

  1. Go to Tools > Configuration > Invoices
  2. Turn on the following option: Obligatory cash register status confirmation after changing the user
  3. Save changes

2. How do shift reports work?

Part 1. When logging in, every User (except for administrator) will have to insert the amount of cash currently held in the cash register.

This can be done in two ways. Either write amount for each denomination (1) or type the whole amount in the “Total amount” field (2).

If you work with multiple properties, you can select the correct one from the list on the right (3).

Attention! In the upper left corner of the window (4) you will see the amount of cash calculated during the last shift. We highly recommend counting money manually, instead of copying the amount displayed. If cash is missing from the cash register, you won`t notice it otherwise!

If there is a cash discrepancy between the previous and current shift, the balance will be adjusted to meet the newly inserted value. In such situation a cash document called “Cashier login” is created.

Part 2. Your shift will now begin. At first, you won`t notice any difference – just continue your work with the program.

In the background, however, KWHotel monitors the reservations you create / delete, payments you receive and documents you create / delete.

Part 3. When you finish your work and try to change user or close KWHotel, a message will appear: “Another shift is open. Select ‘Yes’ to complete that shift”.

If you click “Yes”, a shift report will be displayed, summing up your work.

If there are any differences between the cash status from the previous and current shift, it will be visible in the report (1).

3. How to access previous shift reports?

Admin user can access shift reports in the Statistics module > Shift reports (1). Just double click the report you want to see in detail (2).

Cash discrepancies are highlighted red (3).

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